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My Empty Apartment

In hindsight I probably should’ve posted this before the big apartment tour. But what is this blog but a chronologically irregular account of my life. I remember the day I moved. I remember the day I went down by myself to pick up my keys. I remember the day my sister, Shelby, and I went down… Read more »

Apartment Tour! Kitchen + Dining

Despite its size, I love my little kitchen. With its blue and white ceramic tile, natural light and charm it works well for me. Although I wouldn’t be mad if the countertops were level. Setting an egg on the counter is asking for trouble. But alas! Old apartments, amirite? I recently added a vintage kitchen… Read more »

Apartment Tour! Patio

One of the things that was nearly a deal breaker for me when apartment shopping was a patio. I’ve always been a huge fan of outdoor spaces, porches, patios, outdoor living… sigh. When I walked into my apartment and saw that patio it sealed the deal. It was home. Since moving in, I haven’t done… Read more »

Dallas Bucket List

I love the idea of making a list of places to visit. And now with Pinterest it becomes so visual! I had a short list on my phone of hot spots to hit up in Dallas, but I wanted it to become a reality. I’m an obsessed document-er. I take a photo to represent practically… Read more »

Apartment Tour! Bedroom

I feel like this bedroom is only marginally bigger than the one I lived in at my parents place. But! Hardwoods! 8 foot ceilings! Big windows! I updated to a queen size bed when I moved (ballin’.) so that takes up most of the room. But here’s how I laid everything out! Here’s the view… Read more »

How To Spray Paint in an Apartment

Look, we DIYers love that spray paint. I’m a huge fan of the flat matte by Valspar, especially their black and white. Yum. But living in an apartment limits the projects I can do. Like, staining a medium to large piece of furniture or dying fabric in a washer. (I share a half-size stacked washer… Read more »