Dallas Bucket List: Trinity Skyline Trail

Remember when I did this? Turns out, Trinity Groves is basically on the Trinity Skyline Trail! What a coincidence, right? So after I’d had my fill of donuts and beer and sweat through my gray dress to let everyone know that butts indeed do sweat, we walked over to the trail. We stood high above the Trinity River and the wind was whipping at my Princess Leia buns.

That bridge, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to be precise, is pretty new. They’re building another one just like it over to the right, out of frame of this photo. Construction of that thing is BANANAS. Like, exits changing every day bananas because they’re working on another part of the highway. So glad I don’t drive south very often. BUT OMG look at this skyline! This should make you want to move to Dallas. If not just to be closer to me, but to see this every day. I’m so grateful I get to live here. I drive to Walgreens and the skyline is staring me down like a mountain. It’s the coolest thing ever. The way the sun sets behind it, making it all shadowy. The way a big storm comes in and makes it disappear. The way it changes colors for holidays and big events. I’ll never ever take living here for granted.

On our way back to the car a homeless man appeared out from under the bridge singing pop songs at the top of his lungs. It wasn’t that family, though. They were aight.

You see those weird, white awning things that look like some futuristic windmills? Well, they’re not. Those line the actual skyline trail. It’s a footbridge. I was standing on the maintenance gravel road above the river. Which I also recommend walking on a little. Just maybe don’t go down to the river? Snakes, and all that.




In keeping with my Summer Bucket List, this marks one out of five of my goal this summer! Check out the rest of my Dallas Bucket List!

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