Dallas Bucket List: Nasher Sculpture Center

Just a quick post this morning! I remembered that I marked something off my list! Yay!

Downtown, there’s this incredible museum with all kinds of sculptures displayed. Throughout the year, they host a big party in their backyard. There are food trucks outside and a band and popsicles and beer and when it gets dark, they start a movie on a big inflatable screen. My friend Cait and I finally got to go to one this summer! On the night they do these parties, the Nasher and the Dallas Museum of Art offer free admission! It’s a perfect way to see all that art. Just be prepared to be surrounded by people all night.

A perfect evening to cross one off the bucket list! We nearly melted in the heat, but a couple of Steel City Pops kept us cool. Along with some beer and food truck sushi. I can’t wait to go when it FINALLY gets cooler here in Texas! String lights overhead, hot chocolate…yay fall!




Dallas Bucket List: Experiencing Thai Food

Look, I’m pretty sure I’ve had Thai food before? But who can say! It’s been a long 25 years of life. I can’t keep track of every meal I have or every type of food I have. Thus, experiencing Thai food for the first time was added to the bucket list.

When I moved here I joined a website called Nextdoor. (You should seriously check it out.) It connects you to all of your neighbors! Only people in my neighborhood can be apart of my Nextdoor and see my posts. I’ve sold things on there, asked for recommendations, reported crime. It’s a lifesaver. Earlier this year one of my neighbors started a Bunco group. (If you don’t know what Bunco is you probably didn’t grow up in East Texas.) I got on the email list but every month there was a game, I was either busy or too tired or too anxious to go. But last month? I finally went. I bought a bottle of wine and showed up to a house full of complete strangers. I knew literally no one. Not even any of their names, besides the host that night. It was intimidating. I poured myself a glass of wine and made myself comfortable over by the window and heard an incredible story of raccoons having a party in one of the lady’s kitchens.

In Bunco, you basically end up playing with every person as your partner. It’s an excellent way to get to know people. For that I was very grateful. When I showed up I noticed there were two other girls there my age. I got to know them pretty well by the end of the night and we swapped numbers. The first time we all hung out was my first time having Thai! (Hi Janie and Abby! We’re, like, friends now.) I keep a separate list of restaurants and bars and on that list was Crushcraft. A very instagrammable place for Thai.

At Crushcraft you order first and then pick up your food. Abby decided we needed the Beer Tower; a literal tower of Thai beer. It was entirely worth it. Thai beer is delicious. We all got different dishes, all of which were very good. I ate the leftovers for lunch the next day. Worth it.

See those spring rolls? You should also get those. Yum.

My first time having Thai food was a win. Would definitely go back! Does this count as real Thai if it’s Americanized? I mean, the names of the dishes were Thai and we properly butchered their pronunciations. So maybe it’s pretty authentic? If you know of a real Thai place in Dallas let a girl know. I like food.




Dallas Bucket List: Trinity Skyline Trail

Remember when I did this? Turns out, Trinity Groves is basically on the Trinity Skyline Trail! What a coincidence, right? So after I’d had my fill of donuts and beer and sweat through my gray dress to let everyone know that butts indeed do sweat, we walked over to the trail. We stood high above the Trinity River and the wind was whipping at my Princess Leia buns.

That bridge, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to be precise, is pretty new. They’re building another one just like it over to the right, out of frame of this photo. Construction of that thing is BANANAS. Like, exits changing every day bananas because they’re working on another part of the highway. So glad I don’t drive south very often. BUT OMG look at this skyline! This should make you want to move to Dallas. If not just to be closer to me, but to see this every day. I’m so grateful I get to live here. I drive to Walgreens and the skyline is staring me down like a mountain. It’s the coolest thing ever. The way the sun sets behind it, making it all shadowy. The way a big storm comes in and makes it disappear. The way it changes colors for holidays and big events. I’ll never ever take living here for granted.

On our way back to the car a homeless man appeared out from under the bridge singing pop songs at the top of his lungs. It wasn’t that family, though. They were aight.

You see those weird, white awning things that look like some futuristic windmills? Well, they’re not. Those line the actual skyline trail. It’s a footbridge. I was standing on the maintenance gravel road above the river. Which I also recommend walking on a little. Just maybe don’t go down to the river? Snakes, and all that.




In keeping with my Summer Bucket List, this marks one out of five of my goal this summer! Check out the rest of my Dallas Bucket List!

Dallas Bucket List: Good Records

I am CRUSHING my bucket list rn. Good Records has been on my list for a while. You wouldn’t believe how close all of my bucket list items are to my house. I know, I know. This place is, like, 3 minutes away. IN MY DEFENSE, they’re doing construction on Greenville where this is and they literally took the street out. So. Yeah.

This last Saturday was apparently Record Store Day, which I wouldn’t have known unless I had gone to a different record store the day before in Bishop Arts knocking yet another item off my bucket list. (post to come!)

I’m really bummed I didn’t get any photos of the outside. Good Records had free beer, DJs in the back part, and everyone was partying out front in the parking lot. We stayed to see Sarah Jaffe (local Denton musician) and Justin Townes Earle perform. I was literally standing in front of Justin Townes Earle during his set and we made eye contact a few times so we’re bffs now.

I felt too intrusive snapping a photo of his face, while he’s performing, me standing right in front of him. So I just snapped that one of his feet before he started. He’ll thank me later.

I didn’t snag any records here that day, but the day before I scored four records for $1 a piece in Bishop Arts and quadrupled my collection.


I’m a slow starter.



Dallas Bucket List: Reunion Tower

If you’ve ever seen the Dallas skyline, you’ve seen Reunion Tower. You might not have known it, but you did. My favorite description of it is “Dallas’ own disco ball.” And since I’m unhealthily obsessed with disco balls, I wholeheartedly agree.

It’ll twinkle different colors for the Mavs or Stars, look like a rolling soccer ball whenever that’s going on and even reply to your Instagrams of it from it’s very own first person Instagram account.

I have Cait to thank for this HUGE cross off my Dallas Bucket List. She had a friend in town and they had planned to visit this landmark and I tagged along. FYI? Parking is a nightmare down there on a weekend night. I have no advice but to pick the first spot you can find and walk. Better yet? Be smart like Cait and take the bus or Uber. Bus is cheaper, though.

We bought regular Skydeck tickets for about $17 and had free reign of the ball. The fancy restaurant is a separate deal and I’d still someday like to do that. Not because I particularly care about fancy dinners, but it’d be fun to do once. Right? Sure.

Cait and I were both flabbergasted that we get to live here. The view was breathtaking. Literally, because I’m not a fan of heights.

Next time I’m going just before sunset and watching the lights turn. What a cool time lapse that’ll be.





Dallas Bucket List: Method Coffee


HOORAY! FINALLY after months of hearing about this place and Cait raving about their flavored lattes, I visited Method. Cait and I have a biweekly (early) morning coffee date and until now have frequented the hot-dude magnet coffee shop Houndstooth in Knox/Henderson. (Seriously. Go there on a Wednesday morning. Literally DOZENS of hot dudes hanging out drinking coffee. It’s so weird.) We liked that location because it opens at 6:30 AM giving us plenty of hang time before I have to leave for work. BUT! Now that we live three doors down from each other in our apartment building we can get somewhere much quicker and have just as much time together, since Method doesn’t open until 7:00 AM.

Doesn’t hurt that the outside wall is super ‘grammable.


I’ve still got a ways to go on my coffee bucket list, but I’m SO happy I finally hit this place up! If you’re in the area, be aware that they close at 5 on weekdays and 6 on weekends. IT’S MADNESS THEY CLOSE THAT EARLY. Cait and I recommend their lavender latte or ANY of their seasonal lattes. Right now they have a jalapeno mocha and rosemary honey. Srsly.