Sister Style: Those Deep Ellum Walls

Remember when I wore a crop top? Well we all three accidentally wore crop tops that day. And since we looked crazy hot and couldn’t just waste that outfit on brunch, we went to Deep Ellum to shoot in front of those insanely colorful and beautiful wall murals. Nevermind the trash in the background. They were the perfect backdrop for some outfit photos.


Loved having them with me for a few days. It was just like the old days! Can’t wait till they just move here already and we get a big loft and just live together all day long and we’d have wine and cheese nights and watch Netflix together all night and listen to rap music and dance and quote too many movies and just talktalktalktalktalk. Shel, the introvert, would love being in close quarters with two other people like that. We would get on Rudy’s nerves so fast she’d move to the perfect balcony we would have and secretly Snapchat us through the windows doing stupid things. And between being a big time blogger and just being the best oldest sister, I don’t know that I’d have time to hate them.


Ahh…one can dream.