Where I Annoy You With Pictures of My Dog

For Christmas, my parents bought me an SD card adapter for my iPad. I desperately needed one as my laptop’s hard drive was full and it was so cumbersome to upload any pictures to anything. After literal years of having photos on my SD card, I had them on my iPad in about 20 minutes. *PRAISE HANDS* I found these photos of tiny, baby Pepper from the first week or so I had her. Let your heart be melted this morning.

She used to love doing this for some reason. It was adorable. Look at her tiny foot!

Fat belly


Every time someone new would meet her, they compared her eyes to chocolate chips. She’s still got ’em.

Somebody stop me from getting another puppy. Please. Would you look at her fat pink belly!? Her little puppy hiney!? Oh my godddd. You guys. It’s so funny looking back on these photos. She was just as energetic and derpy then as she is now. She just has a¬†tiny bit more control over herself.

I love this dog. If you want more, I gave her a few of her own hashtags over on Instagram.


You’ve been warned.