Family Photos


Bet you thought I meant my human family, lol. NO. THIS is my family. Dogs. If it makes you feel any better, we took these after we took human family photos over Christmas. Notice I’m not wearing a sweater because Texas decided it would just kinda gloss over winter this year and head right into what it thinks is “spring.” Which, I mean, is fine I guess if you don’t own 62 sweaters and velvet leggings you want to show the world.

This was pre haircut in February and it was having a DAY. I could NOT get that turn out to tame and it was flat and weird and ugh. Even with short hair I still have issues.

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to get these girls to hold still for a minute while we took some photos. They were too excited to not be in a fence and wanted to get loose and play with my family. Crazies.

I’m wearing: jeans-American Eagle, booties-Shoe Carnival, shirt-stolen from Shelby, velvet kimono-local boutique

HAWT FIRE. My mom is adorable.


Anyway, happy finally Friday! I’m going to the enormous Round Top sale with friends for a girls’ weekend. I AM SO EXCITED. Sometimes I look back on my life and say, “God, no wonder I was depressed. I had no friends!” And then I think about all the cool stuff I get to do and the people I get to love in a healthy way and just get the warm fuzzies. Life is cool and hard and weird! That should be the tagline of this blog.

Did you see my collab post with Infinity Jars? Check it out!


Love you!



Where I Annoy You With Pictures of My Dog

For Christmas, my parents bought me an SD card adapter for my iPad. I desperately needed one as my laptop’s hard drive was full and it was so cumbersome to upload any pictures to anything. After literal years of having photos on my SD card, I had them on my iPad in about 20 minutes. *PRAISE HANDS* I found these photos of tiny, baby Pepper from the first week or so I had her. Let your heart be melted this morning.

She used to love doing this for some reason. It was adorable. Look at her tiny foot!

Fat belly


Every time someone new would meet her, they compared her eyes to chocolate chips. She’s still got ’em.

Somebody stop me from getting another puppy. Please. Would you look at her fat pink belly!? Her little puppy hiney!? Oh my godddd. You guys. It’s so funny looking back on these photos. She was just as energetic and derpy then as she is now. She just has a tiny bit more control over herself.

I love this dog. If you want more, I gave her a few of her own hashtags over on Instagram.


You’ve been warned.




Ice Cream Puppy Date

When it started to get a little warm, Shel and I decided it would be fun to satisfy our ice cream cravings with a trip to our dangerously close Dairy Queen. Pepper loves car rides so we brought her along and treated her to her own cone. 🙂

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To my surprise, she ate it like a human and then got confused when we told her to eat the cone. She nudged it around the yard for a bit and finally ate it. This dog is the coolest.

What treats do you like to give your dog? I heard Starbucks has a Puppycino! Maybe I oughta try that. 🙂




Lazy Day

Sometimes when you’re in the floor trying to take cool pictures you get tired. And sometimes you lie down in the floor and stare out the glass door. And then sometimes your puppy comes and snuggles next to you because she thinks you’re crazy or maybe dying and wants to be with you during your last minutes.
And sometimes you document that because you have nothing better to do.

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Do it sometimes. It’s nice.




Pepper Is Now A Toddler

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Tuesday was my puppy’s second birthday! I can’t believe she’s already two. She’s the greatest dog ever and is our favorite gal pal. She hated having this hat on though, so we had to hold it on her head. But watching her try and take it off was even cuter.

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We celebrated by laying on the concrete out back and throwing her favorite green frisbee around and feeding her table scraps.

Happy Birthday, Pepper! Here’s to a million more. 🙂

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We Took Our Gal Pal to the Park

Over spring break, we got a little antsy sitting around at home even though it was so.nice. Pepper loved having everyone home so we decided to take her to the park. She had an absolute blast and so did we! The scenery was just gorgeous.

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After a few hours at the park and snapping my camera crazy, we drove through Sonic to grab some big ol’ drinks and treat Pepper to a grilled cheese. Which, by the way, she loved. She was so exhausted when we got back she crashed for the rest of the night. She is such a great dog. I wish I had more time to do things like this with her and lived a little closer to some parks. Hey! Another reason to move to Dallas! 🙂


What parks do you like to go to? This one is Synergy park in Kilgore, TX. I know Tyler has some really beautiful ones and I’d love to go and check those out too one day. Saturday fun? Yes!