Sister Crop Top Day

Approximately 1,000,000 years ago I bought this crop top at Target and thought, “omg how cute a striped crop top can’t wait for summer.” And then 1,000,000 years later give or take a few days I saw it in my closet. Unworn. Mocking me every time I slid past it to get to a different shirt. One that was, how should I say, uncropped.

It just so happened that on that day, my two sisters were in town and each had brought their own crop top. CROP TOP FATE. With that and the fact that weekends are the only time I can wear such a thing (offices really frown upon midriffs. Who knew?) I popped the sucker on.

Oh yeah, I got my nose pierced. Did you know that?


I won’t lie to you. When we walked into Gold Rush Cafe I felt insanely over dressed and like I was trying too hard. But when you stop thinking like that and instead think like I’m the best dressed in the room your perspective shifts and you really stop caring about the person that might stare at you for a couple seconds. (SPOILER ALERT: No one did! Dallas rules.)

Turns out nobody really gives a crap if two inches of your cute belly shows. And why should they? They’re not the ones that are you. You are you. And before I get too Dr. Suess on you, just wear a crop top, k? They’re cute and cool and actually super flattering with the right bottoms. Can’t wait to pop out a couple others I’ve got for this hot weather.



PS! Have you seen this article on Buzzfeed about a girl that wears a crop top for seven days and documents people’s reactions? It’s eye-opening.