Experiencing NOLA

Where do I even begin.

This trip was the most fun I’ve had in a long while. My friends Chaney and Michael (who’ve been together for, like, six years and are completely adorable) got engaged. (they’re married now! YAY!) And in their typical adorable fashion decided to throw a joint bachelor and bachelorette party in New Orleans last October. I looked forward to it for months. I took PTO (thank you, job!) and on a Thursday night headed to Waco to pick up my sister. We then drove to Austin to stay with Chaney and Michael before we left early the next morning for NOLA! We all stayed up way too late talking and watching John Oliver, then us three girls slept all snuggly in one bed while Michael crashed on the couch. 7AM came way too early, but an hour later our other friends, Holley and Gavin, met up with us and we headed out.

I’ll be the first to hop in the car for a good long road trip. I love ’em. But I had no idea how far NOLA was from Austin. I was thinking a good 4-5 hours we’d be ballin’ out in our hotel rooms. Nope. 5 or 6 that evening we rolled down into town. O.O
The five of us in that Jeep probably could’ve kissed the ground when we got out.

Our hotel, St. Pierre, was so.cute. The entirety of New Orleans is so photogenic I could hardly stand it. Totally unfair.

We spent the daytime exploring the city and eating beignets. Omg. Gimmegimmegimme.

Oh and we made matching shirts.

Later that Friday night, Christina, one of Chaney’s bridesmaids, had rented this insanely gorgeous Air BnB for Chaney’s lingerie shower. The COOLEST LOFT that had SHINY, WHITE METALLIC WALLS AND A SEQUIN CURTAIN. Kill me and leave me there to spend eternity because it was so beautiful.

Like, WHAT?! I can’t even imagine how much prettier it is in the daylight. Oh, did I mention the first floor is a yoga studio that’s totally bohemian and amazing?

Moral of the story is, get yourself some friends, go to NOLA and do all the things. And then pose like the Bridesmaids poster.

We were only there barely three days. I desperately want to go back for four or five days. NOLA, if you hit Bourbon Street, is really only a four or five day trip. Any more than that and you might die. I mean seriously. Bourbon Street is not a joke, kids. It is real. But..um..not that I would know…



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  1. “Moral of the story is, get yourself some friends, go to NOLA and do all the things.”

    Most importantly, get yourself some friends… DON’T GO TO NOLA ALONE!

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