Sister Style: Something Might Be In Those Woods

*killing it*

For Easter weekend I went home and spent a few days with my family. I forced Rudy to take my photos and in return shot hers, too. 10/10 not a fan of those woods. She kept turning around to see if anything was behind her.


See? And she says she loves horror movies. Liar.


Rudy wanted everyone to see how her sleeves flared and how v. impressed she was that they weren’t too long for her short T-Rex arms. Oh and she removed her stiletto nails. She no longer looks like a witch.




Sister Style: Those Deep Ellum Walls

Remember when I wore a crop top? Well we all three accidentally wore crop tops that day. And since we looked crazy hot and couldn’t just waste that outfit on brunch, we went to Deep Ellum to shoot in front of those insanely colorful and beautiful wall murals. Nevermind the trash in the background. They were the perfect backdrop for some outfit photos.


Loved having them with me for a few days. It was just like the old days! Can’t wait till they just move here already and we get a big loft and just live together all day long and we’d have wine and cheese nights and watch Netflix together all night and listen to rap music and dance and quote too many movies and just talktalktalktalktalk. Shel, the introvert, would love being in close quarters with two other people like that. We would get on Rudy’s nerves so fast she’d move to the perfect balcony we would have and secretly Snapchat us through the windows doing stupid things. And between being a big time blogger and just being the best oldest sister, I don’t know that I’d have time to hate them.


Ahh…one can dream.




Sister Style: Happy Birthday, Rudy!


17. SEVEN.TEEN. SEVENTEEN. Honestly I can’t believe it. Seventeen years ago today Ruby Rudy Meredith was born. All throughout mom’s pregnancy I had my fingers crossed for a baby brother. We even nicknamed it Bean Boy. I still remember sitting in that dark ultrasound room when the technician told us it was a girl and feeling jilted. Disappointed. Thank god, He didn’t listen to my prayers!


Having two sisters, three of us, there’s nothing like it. Sisterhood, man. It’s the real stuff. Rudy brought so much diversity. There’s such an age gap between Shelby and me to Rudy; a combined fifteen years. She grew up almost like an only child. We were so much older going through high school and college while she was figuring out how to drive.

It was a struggle, with the three of us, for a while. I found it hard to connect to someone so much younger than me. She was more like a daughter than a sister. (Here’s to never having kids!) It took me, us, a long time to find common ground. Who knew that’d be rap music and makeup?

I can’t remember a time before Rudy. She’s made our family whole and happy. Loud and vibrant. Sassy and uncontrollable. (Heavy emphasis on the sassy.)

She’s not afraid to be different. I am so proud of her for finding her passion in cosmetology and pursuing her degree while still in high school. She has lofty plans for school in LA or Dallas. (DALLAS, PLEASE.) It has been so sweet to watch her grow into a confident and goal-oriented sister. It’s been a long road. I am so proud. I LOVE YOU, RUDY!


Sister Style: Arkansas Shots

Bright light


I feel like every time my sister and I get together we end up taking photos of each other. Me, for the blog, her because I want to shoot her. It’s fun to play photographer and art director for twenty minutes and tell her what to do. Plus, redheads in the woods are probably my favorite type of photos to edit. That red and foresty green UGH it gets me.


I shot these on our Hot Springs trip last Thanksgiving. Our house backed up to these woods and there was this perfect treeline. It’s so easy to photograph someone in front a treeline. Nobody looks bad in front of one. Pro tip.


Can’t decide if she was doing this on purpose, or I caught her in some weird sneeze snart thing.


I love photographing my sisters. They’re easy targets. Plus, Shelby has a pretty great Etsy shop where she sells graphic prints. She’s updating it now so go check it out!

Shel is currently in her second year at Truett Seminary at Baylor in Waco getting her Master of Divinity with a concentration in worship leading. She lives in a jealousy-inducing apartment with dark hardwoods, 12 foot ceilings, and glass doorknobs. It’s sickening, really. Shel is younger than me by just one year but we might as well be twins. People either mistake us for twins or for me as the younger one, which I’m fine with. When we’re 75 I’ll look younger. I hate that she’s not three seconds from me like she was when we lived at home, but the road trips back and forth are worth it. It never seems that far.

If you want to read more about my sister who is almost as cool as me, check out her blog! And then bug her to update it, cause seriously. It’s time. (UPDATED: Shelby apparently deleted her blog, MUCH to the dismay of ME.)


Sister Style: In The Yard

Rudy is becoming quite the fashionista. But I like to think it’s because most of her clothes used to be my clothes and my clothes are fashionable by nature ergo she’s a fashionista.

Here’s Rudy in some of my old clothes being fashionable.

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Someone please explain to me when Rudy became a teenager. Because I still imagine her as 11. Help. #bigsisterprobs





A few months ago when we were all dressed up and gorgeous for Easter, we walked behind the church to the field with the beautiful treeline and took turns taking pictures. The results were prettyyyyyyy prettyyyyyyyy good.

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I’d take pictures of these babes any day.


Also, HEY JULY! You sure came early. Anyone else just freaking out but also really happy that the summer is almost halfway over? I hate the heat. Come on, fall.




PS! This outfit was also from this day. Maybe my favorite to date. 🙂