A Girls Weekend Thrifting in Round Top, Texas

Thrifting in Round Top, Texas

If you’ve read any post on this blog at all, you know I love thrifting. What’s better than second hand cool junk? So naturally I’d hit up Round Top, Texas. The sale Emily Henderson, Junk Gypsies and Joanna Gaines hit up to buy antiques and vintage items and then, in some cases, duplicate and peddle to the masses for three times the cost. Ever heard of it? The Round Top sale doesn’t have a name. If you want to go you ask your friends, “Hey, you wanna go to Round Top?” and if they’re cool they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

Hey idiot! What is Round Top?

Round Top is a vintage/antique sale that runs for a week twice a year. It’s free, unless you want to go into The Red Building, but I and my six friends recommend that you do not do that. We paid $10 to swiftly walk through a building with items running anywhere from $100 for a piece of paper up to $30,000 for a crystal punch bowl. HARD PASS. Instead, park anywhere in the literal 90 person town and walk around looking at all the booths. We highly recommend stopping at Royers Pie Haven for sustenance.

Thrifting in Round Top, Texas

I don’t like to thrift. Should I still go?

The town of Round Top is an anomaly to me. It only has 90 residents and every single building there is literally from the 1800s, but twice a year thousands of people flock to it to thrift the sale. It’s a beautiful part of central Texas and I highly recommend you check it out if you’re ever able! Even if you don’t like junk, it’s an experience all in its own. Take your significant other and drive through parts of central Texas gandering at the livestock. Get some fresh air walking around this tiny town! See old buildings and meet the vendors that literally travel the entire country for months on end setting up booths and selling their stuff. It’s a cool place.

Thrifting in Round Top, Texas Thrifting in Round Top, Texas
Somehow we all made it to the sale living all across the state. These friendships are wonderful and I cherish them, even though I hate that word. We bond over thrifting junk. What can I say?

Thrifting in Round Top, Texas Thrifting in Round Top, Texas Thrifting in Round Top, Texas


There’s a 110% chance I took one of these longhorn skulls home with me. FOR $80. My mind exploded I think when the guy told me these were only $80. It looks incredible hanging above my bed. While I can’t let my mind wander where these were sourced, I’m just glad I finally found one.

Thrifting in Round Top, Texas

Also, what would a friend trip be without (non-thrifted) cheese fries? The stand with the couple from Philadelphia has the BEST CHEESE FRIES ON EARTH. Hand cut potatoes, fried and topped with liquid cheese. Yum. Visit them and try their lobster roll!


Have you ever been to Round Top? What’d you think? Would you go?




Getting To Know You: Cait

Two years ago I launched this series in an effort to get to know the people I was spending every day with a little deeper. Since moving to Dallas I’ve expanded my small circle just a little bit wider. I’m bringing this series back to highlight the relationships in my life that influence me. You can read more about the beginning of this series here and here and read all of the posts in it here.

The story of how I met Cait is a wild one. Five years ago I attended the Passion conference, a Christian conference aimed at high school seniors to college seniors. At this conference, where there can be up to 25,000+ attendees, they break you up into colors of about 1,000-3,000 people. Then they break you up into family groups of 10-12. This particular year I met a girl in my family group named Stephanie. We’d appointed Stephanie to be the leader of our group and at the end of the conference we decided to stay in touch via social media. We lived in completely different states; I in Texas and she in North Carolina. Last year I posted this picture on Instagram. Apparently, one of Stephanie’s friends had just moved to Dallas the month before also and she thought we should hook up. At this point I’m thinking this girl must live in one of the suburbs of Dallas and couldn’t be that close to me.

After Stephanie tagged us both in her comment on my photo, a Cait Butt private messaged me offering to help me move in and gave me her number. Turns out, Cait lived less than 10 minutes from me! I didn’t need any help that day, but she messaged me again a couple of weeks later and had an extra ticket to Shakespeare in the Park, an outdoor ampitheater that shows, you guessed it, Shakespearean plays in the summer. I met Cait and three other brand new people that day. We sat on a blanket and she brought wine and cheese and fruit and we had a picnic and watched Romeo and Juliet. Despite having just moved to Texas a month before, she welcomed me with open arms. Because that’s who she is.

Late last year, her roommate got engaged. (THE WEDDING WAS BEAUTIFUL.) They were breaking their lease and Cait needed a new apartment. After one in Grapevine half an hour away fell through, she texted me and one or two other people asking for prayer and any advice on what to do. She had to be out of her current place by that weekend. We had always joked about how funny it would be if she ended up moving into my 12-unit building. Two people moved out at different times in the months leading up to Cait needing to be out, but they were leased already and Cait wasn’t ready to move just yet.

The day Cait texted me in a panic, I looked out my back window. One of my very long time neighbors was pulling a U-Haul into the parking lot. I could not move my hands and fingers fast enough to text my apartment manager about that place. She said Cait should come by the next day for a showing. I was crossing my hands and fingers and feet and heart all day. Daniel, the greatest landlord on the planet, was there and so was one other applicant. I was nervous and so was Cait. But the place was so perfect for her. A couple days later I got the news. Daniel decided to give the place to Cait. The winning factor? That she was my friend. And that she is.

Cait is warm. She is welcoming and outgoing. Actually, outgoing is too mild a word for her. I think it’s safe to say that 100% of the people she’s met so far in Dallas she has either walked up to or gone to a place or party where she knew no one. Save the ones she’s met online. 😉 Cait is bold and smart. She’s decisive and full of self-discipline. At the moment I’m writing this she’s finishing up a three week juice cleanse. THREE.WEEKS. HOW. She’s loving and full of family. She’s rich in friendships and knowledge. She’s a photographer. A creative. A leader. A friend. I don’t think anyone that knows Cait has ever felt unwelcome in her presence. I sure haven’t.

Every time you see her you will be greeted with a big, genuine hug and a question about your life. She’s invested and genuine and real. She never hesitates to be known or share her life with you. That’s her whole goal, actually. I didn’t even have to ask her any questions for this post because she makes herself so well known. Cait wants to share her life with you. And I am so changed because of the fruits of that. I am one of the fruits of that. I know that if I need a lime or a cup of sugar or some ice I can knock on her door and she’ll help me out. I know that she’s always down to experience something new with me.

Her moving into my building was a literal answer to my prayers. I was lonely and depressed and God moved a friend four doors down. Daniel joked we should set up cans and strings between our doors so we could constantly talk to each other. Why haven’t we done that yet?

Cait has introduced me to new foods, new places, countless new people, new things, new music. I got to meet and hang out with the dudes of Jared and the Mill a couple of times and I’m now apart of a small group for a church I’ve never even visited because of her. Now those people are an invaluable part of my life.

Today marks one year since I met Cait. I cannot say enough about this person. She is good. She is beautiful. She is my friend.

Happy Friendaversary! I love you!




PS. Girl really loves coffee, y’all.


I’m currently on hold with the Dallas County tax office and feel like I’ll be waiting for a while, so I figured now’s a good a time as any to reminisce our best friend cruise…

This idea started as a semi joke. A lot of us in the group are obsessed with The Office and some of us even have tattoos of The Office memorabilia. Remember the episode when they go on a booze cruise? And the whole thing with Pam and Jim? Course you do. Because it’s one of the best episodes besides the poker night one. ANYWAY. Chaney mused that, wouldn’t it be so cool if we all went on a cruise?! And the next thing we know we’re booking a cruise.

Yes. We made a shirt for the occasion. And also bought a bulk box of captain’s hats off Amazon. We were hence known as “the group wearing captain’s hats” on the ship. It’s our own fault, really.

-Name That Quote

We boarded and explored that first day wearing our matching shirts. This was my first real vacation with no real “adults.” Just friends. Doing what we wanted. Because we could. It was very liberating.

Our first (and only) excursion was to Cozumel, Mexico. Our route usually also stops in Progreso, Mexico, but something about the ship being broken on one side? I don’t know. I only skimmed the email. Shel and I had been to Cozumel before during our cruise with our family last year and it was just as beautiful as I remember.

Our excursion was one part snorkeling one part beach. We rode on a catamaran out to a reef and snorkeled for half an hour. I saw the most beautiful fish down there. I also met my spirit fish. She was a loner, colored in neon stripes and dots. And I said to myself, “Dat me as a fish!” Bid her good day, and swam on. We got our picture taken by a guy with a really fancy underwater camera with fish food in his pockets to attract the fish and make it look like there were all these fish. There were, but come on. Not that many.

Most important to note is this moment:

It may look like an ordinary selfie to you, but to me it was a right turn. We’d just finished snorkeling and fully exhausted climbing back aboard the catamaran, wet with sea water and covered in salt, holding a margarita, dancing with my friends in the middle of the ocean…I was happy. Like, really happy. Like, deep to my core real happiness. Pure joy. That’s the first time I remember feeling like that for…well, a long time. Years. My life lately has been tangled up and sourced from unhealthy and ugly places. Wrapped up in people who mess me up and manipulate me. But not here. Not on that boat. On that boat I let it all go and stood alone. Independent. Happy. Done. And I’m happy to report nothing has changed! I am still just as happy as I am in this photo. Yay for oceans!

After D-Daying our way to shore, we claimed a cabana way in the back and had a stranger take our photo against the ocean. I’ll treasure the Instax photo he snapped of us, too. One of my favorites. Part of our excursion included these giant inflatable obstacle course things. You literally had to use all of your upper body strength to get on one and then jump on a trampoline covered in broken shells and sand and laugh when someone almost falls off or gets scraped by the sharp shells. We all thought we were going to drown. It was fun.

On our way back, we sipped margaritas and danced line dances with the boat crew. How in the WORLD they all keep their balance while doing the wobble I’ll never know. I almost broke a leg a dozen times.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

We chose to do the fancy dinners every night and wore our captain’s hats. Once, three of us showed up late and the waiters just said, “Your friends are seated in the back.” Like he already knew who we were with. HOW DID HE KNOW.

We did karaoke, we swam, went down the slide, watched our friends throw money in the trash can in the casino, saw a show, did more karaoke, napped. Man. We napped. A lot. But mostly we laid out and got sunburned.

If I haven’t said it enough before, I love these people. Here’s to adult vacations for the rest of our lives.



The One Where We Party at Mel’s House


Six out of seven of these people went to high school together and four out of seven of these people have known each other since elementary school or before. The fact that we hang out on a semi-regular basis while living all across Texas is a miracle. A miracle first because we all saw each other in middle school and are still friends and a miracle second because we live a minimum of an hour and a half away. And at one point living more than six hours away from each other. Madness. You know why we’re still friends? Because we make the time to be together. We make the time to spend weekends together sustaining our relationships. Real, genuine relationships. And for that I can never be more grateful.

Since moving to Dallas last summer, I’ve only hosted my family and the occasional sister. Until recently, I hadn’t met or known many Dallas natives to even host a party for. That’s a little different now, but I wanted my friends to come and celebrate with me. I wanted to show off what little I know about this city and get a little crazy with them. And we did.

The Austin crew rolled in around 6:30 or so while the Fort Worth and Addison locals showed up on either side of that. We made tacos, ate chips and salsa and guacamole, ate cookies that Christina was convinced had peanut butter in them (they did not), talked life and God and school, what we’re doing now, how much we’ve changed in the last seven or eight years, played with the dogs, and just spent time together smoking cigars on the patio. And yes, seven people can all fit on my patio “comfortably.” That’s good for me to know.

Around 11:30 we decided to hit the town and discover that most places in Lower Greenville close at midnight. What kind of madness is this, LG?! I’m v disappointed. We bar hopped for a second, discovered a very interesting DJ duo in full sequined body suits at Crown & Harp, and took an Uber uptown. There we watched one of our own get two phone numbers from guys that literally walked right up to her out of nowhere, lit candles with matches, flung coasters at each other, and cringed when the last call lights dimmed on.

We capped off the night piled on my living room floor crashing to Bob’s Burgers. Seeing seven people literally sleeping like sardines on my floor made me weirdly happy. To know that my home can make other people comfortable and happy and safe. It made me feel responsible and warm and good and proud and adult.

The next morning we drove to the cafe down my block because we were too tired and it was too hot to walk three blocks. We ordered food to go and ate it on my floor while Pepper tried to snag a bite.

My sister, Shelby, couldn’t make it this weekend so we FaceTimed her and filled her in on what all she missed. It was a lot.


I could not be prouder to call this group of diverse weirdos my friends. Even though we’re spread across DFW, Waco, Austin, College Station, Houston… we make the time to be together. That’s friendship. Sacrifice, love, and humility. Thank you guys for letting me be apart of this insane group of people. I LOVE YOU ALL.





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Getting To Know You: Stephanie

Two years ago I launched this series in an effort to get to know the people I was spending every day with a little deeper. Since moving to Dallas I’ve expanded my small circle just a little bit wider. I’m bringing this series back to highlight the relationships in my life that influence me. You can read more about the beginning of this series here and here and read all of the posts in it here.

Two years ago when I was starting the process of rebuilding my life with no job and trying to finish school, I kept begging my friends that sang as paid singers in the local Presbyterian church to put in a good word for me. Or quit and let me have their spot. In the fall of 2014 I finally snagged a spot and sat in a room full of mostly strangers for a month or so before Stephanie decided I looked cool enough to befriend. She literally walked up to me one day and we’ve been friends ever since. She still tells me that I looked like I’d be a good person to know, so she decided to know me. Makes me feel all fuzzy.

This is how I picture her. Constantly laughing so loud other tables look over at us. That or stone faced after telling me some stupid joke. Stephanie teaches middle school and god bless her amirite. She currently lives back in east Texas but is MOVING TO DALLAS THIS SUMMER! ‘Bout time.

The day these photos were taken we shut down a local coffee shop without realizing it. I just thought everyone was leaving because we were unbearably loud. “Can we help you ladies with anything else? We’re actually closed.” Oh. My b.

Stephanie laughs louder than anyone I know. She knows how to have a good time and sometimes forces me to do things I wouldn’t have done without her. I confided in her about my entire life and she’s never once judged me, but sympathized with me and shared just as much back with me. We don’t see each other regularly, but she’s one of those friends that feels like you just saw her yesterday. It’s always comfortable and familiar with her. Anyone who knows her feels that about her. I remember when we were both singing in the Presbyterian choir we could look at each other and not stop laughing because we were thinking the exact same thing. We were eventually separated. #classic

I appreciate that she can text me or call me up anytime and be down to hang. Reliable, funny, and challenging. My friend! Can’t wait until you move here!

Love you!



Experiencing Dallas: The Omni + A Mavs Game

Sometimes good things happen before you break up with someone who’s the worst. This is my story.
Did that seriously sound like the intro to a terrible MTV drama? NAILED IT.

First part of the night, the three of us went to a Mavs game which was amazing and fun and cool and we had excellent seats. Kalie and I couldn’t take it seriously and he didn’t necessarily dig that. After that, we went to Deep Ellum for pizza.

Long story short, I caught him texting another girl in front of me, then he lied about it. *eyeroll* Mama didn’t raise no fool, so I said, “ADIOS, SUCKER!” and took my BFF on the best date we’ve ever had. (Am I the internet version of Taylor Swift? Bashing my exes? Don’t mess with me. I’ll blog about you.)

I couldn’t believe there was a TV in the mirror. I’m so fancy.

We ordered cookies and ice cream at 3 AM and stayed up all night watching cable, since neither of us have it, and talking. Best night ever.

Here’s to cookies and ice cream in bed forever.