Getting To Know You: Stephanie

Two years ago I launched this series in an effort to get to know the people I was spending every day with a little deeper. Since moving to Dallas I’ve expanded my small circle just a little bit wider. I’m bringing this series back to highlight the relationships in my life that influence me. You can read more about the beginning of this series here and here and read all of the posts in it here.

Two years ago when I was starting the process of rebuilding my life with no job and trying to finish school, I kept begging my friends that sang as paid singers in the local Presbyterian church to put in a good word for me. Or quit and let me have their spot. In the fall of 2014 I finally snagged a spot and sat in a room full of mostly strangers for a month or so before Stephanie decided I looked cool enough to befriend. She literally walked up to me one day and we’ve been friends ever since. She still tells me that I looked like I’d be a good person to know, so she decided to know me. Makes me feel all fuzzy.

This is how I picture her. Constantly laughing so loud other tables look over at us. That or stone faced after telling me some stupid joke. Stephanie teaches middle school and god bless her amirite. She currently lives back in east Texas but is MOVING TO DALLAS THIS SUMMER! ‘Bout time.

The day these photos were taken we shut down a local coffee shop without realizing it. I just thought everyone was leaving because we were unbearably loud. “Can we help you ladies with anything else? We’re actually closed.” Oh. My b.

Stephanie laughs louder than anyone I know. She knows how to have a good time and sometimes forces me to do things I wouldn’t have done without her. I confided in her about my entire life and she’s never once judged me, but sympathized with me and shared just as much back with me. We don’t see each other regularly, but she’s one of those friends that feels like you just saw her yesterday. It’s always comfortable and familiar with her. Anyone who knows her feels that about her. I remember when we were both singing in the Presbyterian choir we could look at each other and not stop laughing because we were thinking the exact same thing. We were eventually separated. #classic

I appreciate that she can text me or call me up anytime and be down to hang. Reliable, funny, and challenging. My friend! Can’t wait until you move here!

Love you!