Getting To Know You: An Introduction

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A couple of months ago standing in the shower, as you do, I had an idea. Course I hoped I remembered it by the time I got out to write it down because I have the memory of a newborn. But the general idea was this: I want to get to know my friends better and document our friendships where we are right now. I’m calling it Getting To Know You.

I’ve met some new people this year and developed older friendships as well but I realized I don’t know the things that make my friends who they are. I met all of them in college so the high school and awkward middle school years are vacant from my memory. And I realize spending a few hours with each friend is just a small drop into who they are but I’ll learn things I didn’t know. And that’s the whole point. Community.

More recently I read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller and had a realization about just how selfish I am. Our nature as humans is self-centered and I’m only just realizing how bad it is. I don’t ask people how they’re doing, I wait for them to ask me. I don’t introduce myself, I wait for them to introduce themselves to me. It’s bad, y’all.
So I want to rid myself of that, and in an effort to be less selfish I want to invest in other people. I want to purposefully hang out with each of my friends and get to know them more, old and new. I’m excited to sit down and take pictures of each of them (oh yeah, I’m going to take pictures of them) and introduce them to you. It will be such a fun way to document our friendships this year.


I’ll be posting a new friend every Wednesday! I can’t wait for you to read it. 🙂 I lovely love love love these people. They’ve had such a cool impact on my life and they’ve helped me grow so much this year. They’ve encouraged me and put up with more than their fair share of crazy. (Thanks, guys.) I can’t wait to dig into these people that I love.