Experiencing Dallas: The Omni + A Mavs Game

Sometimes good things happen before you break up with someone who’s the worst. This is my story.
Did that seriously sound like the intro to a terrible MTV drama? NAILED IT.

First part of the night, the three of us went to a Mavs game which was amazing and fun and cool and we had excellent seats. Kalie and I couldn’t take it seriously and he didn’t necessarily dig that. After that, we went to Deep Ellum for pizza.

Long story short, I caught him texting another girl in front of me, then he lied about it. *eyeroll* Mama didn’t raise no fool, so I said, “ADIOS, SUCKER!” and took my BFF on the best date we’ve ever had. (Am I the internet version of Taylor Swift? Bashing my exes? Don’t mess with me. I’ll blog about you.)

I couldn’t believe there was a TV in the mirror. I’m so fancy.

We ordered cookies and ice cream at 3 AM and stayed up all night watching cable, since neither of us have it, and talking. Best night ever.

Here’s to cookies and ice cream in bed forever.