Dallas Bucket List: Cowboys Game


If you’re a Texan, you’re a Cowboys fan. You just are. Don’t try to fight it, accept it. I’ve never been to any college or professional football game. I never had the opportunity and didn’t really seek it out. Almost a month ago, my friend Kalie asked if I wanted to go with her family. (!!!) Um, yes. Thus crossing off an item off my Dallas Bucket List! Woo!

Kalie and me

It was an absolute blast. Hanging in the nosebleeds, with one $5 water bottle and a $6 souvenir cup was totally worth it. The energy, man. The sparks shooting out of the ground when the team ran out! The absolutely monstrous stadium!  The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! My mom is completely obsessed with their show (DCC: Making The Team) so I sent a video of their kick line to her. Absolutely insane. How they keep a smile on their face after dancing and kicking for ten minutes I will never know. I’d be lying on the ground screaming for chocolate and oxygen.

I don’t remember much about the actual game. I like sporting events for the food and people. It was plenty loud in there and we got this close to appearing on the jumbo-tron. The camera was literally on the row in front of us. Ugh! Just once I’d like to get caught on the kiss-cam.

Bonus! We got a free Cowboys tee as we left!

Kalie's Family!

Thank you Beasley’s for inviting me along!



3 thoughts on “Dallas Bucket List: Cowboys Game

  1. That sounds like Seattle. If you’re here, you’re Seahawks or get out. It’s a scary place around football season here, and the superbowl was nuts.
    I’m used to obsessing over college football, but the Atlanta Falcons were not really anything worth mentioning so professional football fever is definitely new territory for me. Sounds like a blast!

    1. Hahaha! My high school football team was never worth mentioning. Small town football, man. No bueno. We can experience this newfound football craze together!

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