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Early last fall I made a Dallas Bucket List! I mentioned on that list that I had a trip planned for the Texas State Fair, a place I had never visited. I’ve never really been a fair or amusement park person, but our work team was taking October 1 off and riding the train down so I was a fair person that day. I know, my life is so hard.

My favorite part of all fairs and amusement parks is, duh, the food. Also all of those CRAZY AMAZING neon lights make for some pretty great photos. Alas, neon doesn’t show up in the bald face sun so I settled for taking selfies with Big Tex and cotton candy the size of my torso.

Big Tex!Big Tex butt

Would you believe me if I told you I took this and sent it to everyone with the caption “Big Tex butt”? Because I did.

By the way, Big Tex, like, MOVES and TALKS. And thank god the people I was with warned me. But I still got scared.

Who’s Big Tex? Big Tex is the Texas State Fair mascot that wears giant Dickey’s clothes and boots with the Texas state flag on them. And a giant with the derpiest voice that tells you the time. He caught on fire a while ago and I wish I’d have lived here then. To look out my balcony and see a giant cowboy on fire would’ve had me checking for the rapture.

corndogcotton candy headcorndawg

THE FOOD OMG. This is the best corn dog I’ve ever had.


We didn’t ride any rides, because that’s not what the fair is about. We strolled around checking out the car shows, seeing a cheesy dog trick show, and eating our weight in sugar and carbs.


Long live state fairs and cotton candy the size of your torso.




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