I Wore One Brand Accidentally

WHAAAAAAAAAT! How about a #whatmelwears for your Monday? SNAP how’d you like that brand spankin’ new hashtag I came up with? (Too many ALL CAPS?)

For Thanksgiving last year, my mom’s family rented a house in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The house backed up to this enormous hill and some pretty expansive woods. Obvi we had to go into the woods and take pictures. It just so happened I was also wearing clothes. Put two and two together and you get this post. (Also, 4.)

cardigan/dress/pants/booties: Gaudy Me

I’m just realizing that everything I wore that day was all from the same place. *high five me* *or scold me for buying my entire outfit at one place even though I worked there and got a killer discount*
Why does it seem like the only outfit posts I’ve done lately have been from Thanksgivings in Arkansas? Don’t worry! I’ll show you my trendy new haircut soon! I got it cut on Friday so if you follow me on Snapchat (hinthint) you’ve already seen it. Think of all the shampoo I’ll save…

So what’s been up with you guys? How’s it going? I’ve got a lot of fun things coming up that’ll obviously turn into a blog post. Like, some Dallas Bucket List things and whatnot. I can’t wait!


Happy Monday!


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