Where I Annoy You With Pictures of My Dog

For Christmas, my parents bought me an SD card adapter for my iPad. I desperately needed one as my laptop’s hard drive was full and it was so cumbersome to upload any pictures to anything. After literal years of having photos on my SD card, I had them on my iPad in about 20 minutes. *PRAISE HANDS* I found these photos of tiny, baby Pepper from the first week or so I had her. Let your heart be melted this morning.

She used to love doing this for some reason. It was adorable. Look at her tiny foot!

Fat belly


Every time someone new would meet her, they compared her eyes to chocolate chips. She’s still got ’em.

Somebody stop me from getting another puppy. Please. Would you look at her fat pink belly!? Her little puppy hiney!? Oh my godddd. You guys. It’s so funny looking back on these photos. She was just as energetic and derpy then as she is now. She just has a tiny bit more control over herself.

I love this dog. If you want more, I gave her a few of her own hashtags over on Instagram.


You’ve been warned.




Sister Crop Top Day

Approximately 1,000,000 years ago I bought this crop top at Target and thought, “omg how cute a striped crop top can’t wait for summer.” And then 1,000,000 years later give or take a few days I saw it in my closet. Unworn. Mocking me every time I slid past it to get to a different shirt. One that was, how should I say, uncropped.

It just so happened that on that day, my two sisters were in town and each had brought their own crop top. CROP TOP FATE. With that and the fact that weekends are the only time I can wear such a thing (offices really frown upon midriffs. Who knew?) I popped the sucker on.

Oh yeah, I got my nose pierced. Did you know that?


I won’t lie to you. When we walked into Gold Rush Cafe I felt insanely over dressed and like I was trying too hard. But when you stop thinking like that and instead think like I’m the best dressed in the room your perspective shifts and you really stop caring about the person that might stare at you for a couple seconds. (SPOILER ALERT: No one did! Dallas rules.)

Turns out nobody really gives a crap if two inches of your cute belly shows. And why should they? They’re not the ones that are you. You are you. And before I get too Dr. Suess on you, just wear a crop top, k? They’re cute and cool and actually super flattering with the right bottoms. Can’t wait to pop out a couple others I’ve got for this hot weather.



PS! Have you seen this article on Buzzfeed about a girl that wears a crop top for seven days and documents people’s reactions? It’s eye-opening.

Experiencing NOLA

Where do I even begin.

This trip was the most fun I’ve had in a long while. My friends Chaney and Michael (who’ve been together for, like, six years and are completely adorable) got engaged. (they’re married now! YAY!) And in their typical adorable fashion decided to throw a joint bachelor and bachelorette party in New Orleans last October. I looked forward to it for months. I took PTO (thank you, job!) and on a Thursday night headed to Waco to pick up my sister. We then drove to Austin to stay with Chaney and Michael before we left early the next morning for NOLA! We all stayed up way too late talking and watching John Oliver, then us three girls slept all snuggly in one bed while Michael crashed on the couch. 7AM came way too early, but an hour later our other friends, Holley and Gavin, met up with us and we headed out.

I’ll be the first to hop in the car for a good long road trip. I love ’em. But I had no idea how far NOLA was from Austin. I was thinking a good 4-5 hours we’d be ballin’ out in our hotel rooms. Nope. 5 or 6 that evening we rolled down into town. O.O
The five of us in that Jeep probably could’ve kissed the ground when we got out.

Our hotel, St. Pierre, was so.cute. The entirety of New Orleans is so photogenic I could hardly stand it. Totally unfair.

We spent the daytime exploring the city and eating beignets. Omg. Gimmegimmegimme.

Oh and we made matching shirts.

Later that Friday night, Christina, one of Chaney’s bridesmaids, had rented this insanely gorgeous Air BnB for Chaney’s lingerie shower. The COOLEST LOFT that had SHINY, WHITE METALLIC WALLS AND A SEQUIN CURTAIN. Kill me and leave me there to spend eternity because it was so beautiful.

Like, WHAT?! I can’t even imagine how much prettier it is in the daylight. Oh, did I mention the first floor is a yoga studio that’s totally bohemian and amazing?

Moral of the story is, get yourself some friends, go to NOLA and do all the things. And then pose like the Bridesmaids poster.

We were only there barely three days. I desperately want to go back for four or five days. NOLA, if you hit Bourbon Street, is really only a four or five day trip. Any more than that and you might die. I mean seriously. Bourbon Street is not a joke, kids. It is real. But..um..not that I would know…



A Borrowed Moto Jacket

The thing about trees is, redheads look great in front of them. But you already know this because I’ve mentioned it twice recently. I’m just saying. We do. We also look great in plaid.

The thing about motorcycle jackets is, they’re great.

But I don’t have one.

Sweet sister let me ‘borrow’ hers for a day and I’m sold. Any good suggestions of where to get one? Also, remember when my hair was almost to my butt? Remember how I definitely don’t miss it? #shorthairforlife

jeans + scarf: Gaudy Me, plaid: hand-me-down, jacket: borrowed, sneakers: Target

One thing every person needs in their closet is a good leather/faux leather motorcycle jacket. Don’t haul off to the Harley Davidson store, unless you’ve got a bike in the garage. The thing about these jackets is that they go with anything. They’re warm, stylish and add an edge to any outfit.

With or without a motorcycle.


Sister Style: Happy Birthday, Rudy!


17. SEVEN.TEEN. SEVENTEEN. Honestly I can’t believe it. Seventeen years ago today Ruby Rudy Meredith was born. All throughout mom’s pregnancy I had my fingers crossed for a baby brother. We even nicknamed it Bean Boy. I still remember sitting in that dark ultrasound room when the technician told us it was a girl and feeling jilted. Disappointed. Thank god, He didn’t listen to my prayers!


Having two sisters, three of us, there’s nothing like it. Sisterhood, man. It’s the real stuff. Rudy brought so much diversity. There’s such an age gap between Shelby and me to Rudy; a combined fifteen years. She grew up almost like an only child. We were so much older going through high school and college while she was figuring out how to drive.

It was a struggle, with the three of us, for a while. I found it hard to connect to someone so much younger than me. She was more like a daughter than a sister. (Here’s to never having kids!) It took me, us, a long time to find common ground. Who knew that’d be rap music and makeup?

I can’t remember a time before Rudy. She’s made our family whole and happy. Loud and vibrant. Sassy and uncontrollable. (Heavy emphasis on the sassy.)

She’s not afraid to be different. I am so proud of her for finding her passion in cosmetology and pursuing her degree while still in high school. She has lofty plans for school in LA or Dallas. (DALLAS, PLEASE.) It has been so sweet to watch her grow into a confident and goal-oriented sister. It’s been a long road. I am so proud. I LOVE YOU, RUDY!


One Thing To Do When You’re Depressed


Last month I opened up about my life with depression and anxiety. Thank you guys again for your sweet responses! In continuing with that conversation, I want to share with you one sure thing I know that clears my depression.

Going to counseling weekly for about a month and now bi-weekly, I’ve learned one thing about my depression: it will never go away completely. Honestly, that’s depressing in itself. (See what I did there?) It’s hard to imagine a life where depression will always be present and knowing that I will most likely always deal with this is hard to swallow. A few weeks ago I was doing really well but that damn depression just sneaks in on you and tries to take you down. But this time I was prepared.

My counselor preached to me in the first month that to combat depression I have to force myself, literally, to get up and do something. I did a terrible job at that for a long time. It. Was. Hard.

It’s easier to feel bad than to try and be happy.

But that’s exactly what I had to do. Fortunately, I had a clarifying moment last Sunday. The last week or so I had been feeling down despite going out and spending time with people and experiencing new things. I went to church and lunch on Sunday with a friend and then came home. I had plans that afternoon to visit my friend and her new baby in Plano and I was having a tough time motivating myself to get back up. I took a deep breath, sat up off the couch, put on pants and left the house. No, the grey-ness didn’t lift even in the car. But you know when it did? When I knocked on her door. When I walked in the house. When I held that baby.

Forcing myself to get up and live dissipates my depression. And I bet it’ll dissipate yours too.

How do you deal with depression? Is there a different way you work through it?