Dallas Bucket List

Dallas Bucket List

I love the idea of making a list of places to visit. And now with Pinterest it becomes so visual! I had a short list on my phone of hot spots to hit up in Dallas, but I wanted it to become a reality. I’m an obsessed document-er. I take a photo to represent practically every place I go. For the more monumental things, I’ve added them to my Dallas Bucket List! For every bucket list item I complete, there will be an accompanying blog post or Instagram. I’ve already linked up the ones I’ve done! (Before I even added them to the list!) I love this city. I can’t wait to get out and explore it!

My bucket list will evolve and change and I hope will never be fully completed. I want to find new things to experience and do to share with you here. Consider this your unofficial guide to Dallas. (Psst! I’ve added this post permanently to the top nav bar. Check back to see if I’ve completed something!)


Visit the Farmer’s Market when The Shed is finished

See a Cowboy’s Game Done! 8.29.15

Girls night in Uptown Done! 8.28.15

Feed the giraffes at the Dallas Zoo

Spend an afternoon at the Dallas Arboretum, or see a concert in their concert series. (BONUS! Visit in Fall!)

Have a fancy dinner at Reunion Tower Done! 4.9.16

Order a sandwich at Jimmy’s Food Store

Have coffee or a drink at Ascension

Take skyline pictures to my heart’s content on the Trinity Skyline Trail Done! 6.5.16

Take advantage of the cool, fall weather on one of Dallas’ trails

Build my own chocolate box at Kate Weiser Chocolate

Chow on some doughnuts at Hypnotic

Chow on even more doughnuts at Top Pot Doughnuts

Have my first macaron at Joy Macarons

Have a drink and enjoy a rooftop in Lower Greenville Done! 2.26.16

Take Pepper and visit the food trucks at Klyde Warren Park

See Big Tex at the State Fair! (Planned October 1!) Done! 10.1.15

Check out the skyline from Chase Tower Sky Lobby

Buy some records at Good Records for my new record player Done! 4.16.16

Visit Thanksgiving Square and chill out

Be provoked at the Nasher Sculpture Center

Be inspired at the Dallas Museum of Art

Add to my enormous collection of Dallas skyline photos at Trinity Overlook Park

Educate myself on the cool art of letterpress at We Are 1976

Try to choke down a whole juice at Local Press + Brew

Visit the literal giant eyeball in downtown

Take Pepper swimming at White Rock Lake

Eat my way through Dallas’ top 60 best breakfasts list

Give myself permanent anxiety by slurping down cups of coffee at Method Done! 3.23.16, Murray Street and Mudsmith Method 

Experience Thai food for the first (ish) time

2 Responses to “Dallas Bucket List”

  1. Jennifer Sheffield

    I love this idea! I really need to do this for Seattle, actually. There’s so much to see in Washington. Unfortunately with a full time job it can make it hard, but on the days where I’m not working I should really make more of an effort to focus on what’s going on out in the beautiful new state I live in.


    • Melody Rich

      YES! I can’t even imagine all the cool stuff there is to do in Seattle! I kind of try to do at least one thing a week. Makes it less overwhelming, haha.