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Remember this? I’ve been thinking of outfits to wear that could even come close to how much I loved the last one and I think I did it. The kimono has been resurrected. (HA) Also beware for photo overload. I mean, I loved this way too much.   kimono: Forever21, dress: Goodwill (Target), sandals: borrowed,… Read more »

To Be Real

I’ve made a resolution. I want to be more real here. More honest. Tell more. I have decided this for several reasons; since getting divorced I have been made brand new. I’ve had an awakening year and experienced searing pain and fresh grace and the hopes of being real here is that someone will be… Read more »

My Sister Graduated!

FINALLY. My sister and I are college graduates! Holler! After a long semester of student teaching my sister walked the stage at A&M Commerce. We are so proud. Shelby Kay Taylor, in case you were wondering. There she goes! She’s the only redhead on stage. GRADUATED! Happy Graduation, Shel! Shelby is now substituting at a… Read more »

What Are You Doing Now?

Ever since graduating college for real this time, nearly everyone I see asks me, “So, what are you doing now?” Friends, family, church members, acquaintances… all of them are interested in my life. It’s flattering, really. Whether they’re asking to fill the dead air in an awkward conversation or genuinely interested, I am flattered. So,… Read more »

Twenty Three

Today is my twenty-third birthday. I was born September 30, 1990 to my parents, James and Charlotte Taylor. I’m the first of three redheaded, fair skinned girls with sass, wit, and style. I’ve never not been Melody Elise Taylor Rich. (Well, Rich came later.) I’ve never not been redheaded and fair skinned. I’ve never not… Read more »

How I Really Feel

is it possible to be physically and emotionally drained while simultaneously feeling so fulfilled? that’s how i feel right now…   all summer when i prayed for a job i expected something dull like a receptionist position, which is what i applied for, and something that would get me out of the house and get… Read more »