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D*EYE*Y Painted Statement Wall

Since painting my entire apartment white, I’ve been craving more statements. I love the consistent white throughout the space. Everything is so much brighter and cleaner! But as hard as I tried to keep everything minimal, I just couldn’t. I needed a punch on a wall somewhere! SPOILER ALERT: I put a lot of punches in a… Read more »

My DIY Mid Century Coffee Table for Under $60

I am SO EXCITED about this post! I haven’t posted a DIY in probably years so I decided to make it a big one! On a whim several weeks ago I sold my coffee table on Craigslist. It sold in less than 36 hours so I knew my brain was cooking up a scheme. I… Read more »

The One Where We Party at Mel’s House

  Six out of seven of these people went to high school together and four out of seven of these people have known each other since elementary school or before. The fact that we hang out on a semi-regular basis while living all across Texas is a miracle. A miracle first because we all saw… Read more »

My First Christmas

I’ve had a lot of firsts in the last seven months: my first apartment, my first real night alone, paying my first electricity bill, first time melting an extension cord into the socket. Lots of stuff. But this Christmas was mine. I had complete control over the entire holiday. I could make my own traditions,… Read more »

My Empty Apartment

In hindsight I probably should’ve posted this before the big apartment tour. But what is this blog but a chronologically irregular account of my life. I remember the day I moved. I remember the day I went down by myself to pick up my keys. I remember the day my sister, Shelby, and I went down… Read more »

Apartment Tour! Kitchen + Dining

Despite its size, I love my little kitchen. With its blue and white ceramic tile, natural light and charm it works well for me. Although I wouldn’t be mad if the countertops were level. Setting an egg on the counter is asking for trouble. But alas! Old apartments, amirite? I recently added a vintage kitchen… Read more »