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One Year: July Fourth and A Look Back

July Fourth is actually one of my favorite holidays. I’ve come to semi-enjoy the hot summer months in Texas where sweat running down your spine is just a part of life and having glasses of ice given to you at outdoor restaurants for “when the ice in your drink melts” is a normal occurrence. But what… Read more »

The One Where We Party at Mel’s House

  Six out of seven of these people went to high school together and four out of seven of these people have known each other since elementary school or before. The fact that we hang out on a semi-regular basis while living all across Texas is a miracle. A miracle first because we all saw… Read more »

Oh, Suzanna

  We grew up with cats. We were a cat family. I can’t honestly remember a single time in my life as a kid where we didn’t have at least one cat. Allie, Spot, Pippin, Penny, Shakespeare, Ashes…we had a lot of cats. Cats begat kittens and those kittens went to some of my friends’… Read more »

I Won Tickets to a Beer + Donut Pairing

  Donuts and beer. Who is the genius that thought this one up? Oh, it’s the folks over at Luck in Trinity Groves. (Dallas is so cool. I love it here.) The donut and beer pairing is a monthly event that features DIFFERENT DONUTS EVERY TIME. Where do the donuts come from? Only my favorite… Read more »


  I’ve thought a lot about this post. What should I say? How should I say it? Should I say anything at all? Am I just adding to the noise? Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe you need to hear this from someone you know in real life. Maybe you need to hear this from someone… Read more »

#MelLovesMunger: The St. Patrick’s Day Festival

  Since moving to Dallas, I’ve tried to involve myself in any festival that sounds remotely interesting to me. I can’t remember a time in my life where I’ve participated in or celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve never had green beer, never seen any Irish people step dancing,  and barely even remember to wear green…. Read more »