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Between Two Ferns

Our family took a lot of family dates over spring break since we were all off. It. Was. Glorious. On one of our dates we took Rudy out to eat for her birthday with our grandparents and then went to Lowe’s for a fire pit and general family things. Shel and I headed straight for… Read more »

Ina Garten’s Chocolate Globs

Winter took our little town by surprise a few weeks ago and threw sleet and snow all over the ground. A huge pink glob was hovering over us on the radar with no end in sight. Our power was fine all afternoon and then wham! Shut off. It surged a couple times before giving up… Read more »


top: H&M, vest: thrifted, jeans: Old Navy, flats: Target, headband: Forever21 My sister’s birthday was on Saturday and she turned fifteen. FIFTEEN. YOU GUYS. WHAT. She had over 15 teens and it was nuts. They were too cool to eat the homemade slider burgers my mom made and all the popcorn and snacks and were… Read more »

Rudy is Fifteen

Last Saturday was my sister’s fifteenth birthday. It was nuts. I can’t believe she’s fifteen now! I’m just getting used to her being fourteen. She had a lot of friends over and they made noise and ran around and hung out on the front porch that we never go out on because it’s so small…. Read more »

You Can’t Ever Leave

Sunday was grey and moody just like the rest of the weekend. It just so happens to be my favorite kind of weather. I could live in rain and snow for the entire year and never see sun and I’d be happy. Maybe I should just move to Seattle… blouse: H&M, dress: Target, tights: Target,… Read more »

“We’re going to Jefferson.”

My best friend came over Friday night and we hung out until the early hours of Saturday drinking pear ales and talking about everything that popped into our heads. I finally went to bed at 2:30 with all the hopes of sleeping until noon, but my sister came in at 10:30 telling me to get… Read more »