“We’re going to Jefferson.”

My best friend came over Friday night and we hung out until the early hours of Saturday drinking pear ales and talking about everything that popped into our heads. I finally went to bed at 2:30 with all the hopes of sleeping until noon, but my sister came in at 10:30 telling me to get up because “we’re going to Jefferson.” Cool.


If you don’t know east Texas, Jefferson is arguably one of the most historical towns in east Texas. According to my dad, the town was booming around the Civil War. The river was high and Jefferson was the furthest any boat could get into Texas and still be able to turn around. Boats would bring in goods and beach themselves at the turnaround on the river and then unload them at the warehouses on the beach and then load back up with cotton bales. They’d turn around, trek out of Texas and take that cotton to any number of places in the world. Then one day, Jay Gould decided he wanted to bring his big trains into town to undercut the river and boating business that made the town so successful. He hired some guys to blow the dam upstream successfully lowering the river and destroying the boating business. He ultimately destroyed the town, but hey! He got the railroad in town!
The turnaround is still there and has been turned into a park of sorts. It sits underneath the old and new railroad tracks with new sidewalks and trees and gardens being planted. We picnicked there one year!


I eventually got up and got ready and grabbed all my camera gear. And by gear I mean my camera and my Fuji Instax. Saturday was misty and gray, perfect light for pictures all day actually. We got into town and pulled right up to the Hamburger Store. So. Delicious. Although it was a little awkward that the family that “drove 7.5 hours for a hotdog” complained about the hotdog “not being cooked” the entire time at the table next to ours and the poor waitress doing everything she could to make them happy.

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After I ordered the biggest burger they had and ate all of it, we drove around looking at all the gorgeous hundred year old homes and slobbering all over ourselves at how beautiful they are. Then we drove back by the railroad tracks and spent the rest of the afternoon thrifting. My kind of day.

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Public restrooms are kind of scary. But at least they were warm.

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We ended taking some beautiful outfit pictures against some pretty amazing backdrops.

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Happy Monday 🙂




2 thoughts on ““We’re going to Jefferson.”

  1. Wow, that all looks beautiful. I love little trips like that. I wonder if I can convince the husband to do a random Seattle day trip this weekend! Haha. I haven’t actually taken my old camera out in a long time. I’ve just been using the vsco cam app on my iPhone, and while it’s a GREAT app, I miss taking real photographs. When I got busy with my last two semesters of school–especially–the ability to do it dwindled. I think I’ll go for a walk today and take some shots. 🙂

    1. Thank you!

      Ohhhh you’re so lucky to be able to take a DAY TRIP to Seattle! I’ve always wanted to visit!

      And yes! I bought my Fuji Instax a year and a half ago with tons of film and have forced myself to take it out more and I just LOVE it! I’m working on a big photo wall in my room! Do it!

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