#WhatMelWears: Last Year’s Cruise 2k15

Remember over a year ago when my family went on a cruise? Well here are some outfit photos from that time that I forgot to post. YES. Okay, I forgot about outfit posts that are over a year old. SUE ME. But look, I’m doing it now so get off my back, geez.

Did I also mention that we’re going on a best friend cruise at the end of May? Because we are. And if I were a good blogger and a liar I would tell you that I’m posting these in preparation for that. But I’m not. I just forgot. My b. #bestfriendcruise2k16


I. Can’t. Wait. to lie on the beach for five days and get weird sunburn lines with my friends. IT’S GON’ BE GOOD, Y’ALL. Look out the rest of the week for some other year old outfits. 😀




#MelLovesMunger: The St. Patrick’s Day Festival


Since moving to Dallas, I’ve tried to involve myself in any festival that sounds remotely interesting to me. I can’t remember a time in my life where I’ve participated in or celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve never had green beer, never seen any Irish people step dancing,  and barely even remember to wear green. On the actual day this year, I accidentally wore the single piece of green clothing I own. It was turquoise, but still. But a festival where even all the news outlets tout street drinking? I’m down. I convinced my friend and neighbor Cait to experience it with me. Who knew it would be a day of firsts for us?

By our apartment, we’re surrounded by bus stops. The train station is a little over a mile from us so we decided to try that first since it’s quicker than the bus. We drove to the station and waited with all the others dressed in green lugging coolers. If we’d have known it was that legit we would’ve brought our own cooler. Next year…

We took the train up to Upper Greenville and got a front row spot watching the parade complete with drunk women yelling in our ears for beads and free koozies. Ahh, Dallas…

We did get free Monsters though. So…that’s something.

That guy is my new BFF.

This is my friend neighbor Cait! AKA my partner for the day. Are you really surprised that I wore green lipstick? I’d honestly wear it to the office if I knew it wouldn’t freak anyone out or that I wouldn’t be putting myself in the line of fire for strange comments. C’est la vie. (spelled that right without Googling! Yay!)

After the parade, we stopped back by the apartment for lunch and to change into sweaters and jeans. We really underestimated how cold it was going to be that day. We then took the bus back to Lower Greenville and bar hopped for the rest of the day. Also had Steel City Pops twice. (Whoops. Would’ve had it again too.)

That guy is also my BFF.

At the bar where this rooftop photo was taken, there was a fight literally right in front of where I was sitting. It was all very exciting watching someone who was nearly fall-over-drunk slow motion punch another dude in the face. 10/10 would see again.

Thank you, Cait, for coming with me and experiencing so many new things with me! Love you, neighbor!






My First Rap Show

Last Christmas, Rudy was going to get she and her boyfriend concert tickets. It was between a Lil’ Wayne show in Bossier City or a Future and Ty Dolla $ign show here in Dallas. I (cleverly) tricked her into telling me which one she personally would rather go to so I could get those tickets. So, being the perfect oldest sister that I am, bought all three of us tickets to see Future and Ty Dolla $ign last month.


He did not disappoint.

If you’re like me and have no idea who Future or Ty Dolla $ign is, Future has done such classics as Jumpman with Drake, Where Ya Atand Big Rings also with Drake. Also, Future is REAL cute.

Ty Dolla $ign has done…well, you can look them up. Fyi? They’re real explicit. *cough* *cough*

ANYWAY. If you have a chance to go to a rap concert, just GO. Being crowded by hundreds of other people and being forced to jump or be crushed is THE GREATEST THING EVER. Pro Tip: Get there early and get towards the front. It’s less fun if you can’t even see the stage. Also, maybe know more than two songs so you can actively participate.

Also? Be sure at the end of the show there’s a confetti cannon.


Actually, anywhere you go make sure there’s a confetti cannon.


10/10 would recommend a rap concert. Especially with your best friends/sisters. 0/10 would recommend waiting over an hour to get out of the parking lot because they’ve got the back alley blocked off for the artists. But at least we got to see them get on their tour bus.

If you come to Dallas and go to one, hmu. I’m good company! Swear. Plus you can stay in my house. My couch is a great sleep couch. 🙂



Sister Style: Something Might Be In Those Woods

*killing it*

For Easter weekend I went home and spent a few days with my family. I forced Rudy to take my photos and in return shot hers, too. 10/10 not a fan of those woods. She kept turning around to see if anything was behind her.


See? And she says she loves horror movies. Liar.


Rudy wanted everyone to see how her sleeves flared and how v. impressed she was that they weren’t too long for her short T-Rex arms. Oh and she removed her stiletto nails. She no longer looks like a witch.




Dallas Bucket List: Method Coffee


HOORAY! FINALLY after months of hearing about this place and Cait raving about their flavored lattes, I visited Method. Cait and I have a biweekly (early) morning coffee date and until now have frequented the hot-dude magnet coffee shop Houndstooth in Knox/Henderson. (Seriously. Go there on a Wednesday morning. Literally DOZENS of hot dudes hanging out drinking coffee. It’s so weird.) We liked that location because it opens at 6:30 AM giving us plenty of hang time before I have to leave for work. BUT! Now that we live three doors down from each other in our apartment building we can get somewhere much quicker and have just as much time together, since Method doesn’t open until 7:00 AM.

Doesn’t hurt that the outside wall is super ‘grammable.


I’ve still got a ways to go on my coffee bucket list, but I’m SO happy I finally hit this place up! If you’re in the area, be aware that they close at 5 on weekdays and 6 on weekends. IT’S MADNESS THEY CLOSE THAT EARLY. Cait and I recommend their lavender latte or ANY of their seasonal lattes. Right now they have a jalapeno mocha and rosemary honey. Srsly.




Sister Style: Those Deep Ellum Walls

Remember when I wore a crop top? Well we all three accidentally wore crop tops that day. And since we looked crazy hot and couldn’t just waste that outfit on brunch, we went to Deep Ellum to shoot in front of those insanely colorful and beautiful wall murals. Nevermind the trash in the background. They were the perfect backdrop for some outfit photos.


Loved having them with me for a few days. It was just like the old days! Can’t wait till they just move here already and we get a big loft and just live together all day long and we’d have wine and cheese nights and watch Netflix together all night and listen to rap music and dance and quote too many movies and just talktalktalktalktalk. Shel, the introvert, would love being in close quarters with two other people like that. We would get on Rudy’s nerves so fast she’d move to the perfect balcony we would have and secretly Snapchat us through the windows doing stupid things. And between being a big time blogger and just being the best oldest sister, I don’t know that I’d have time to hate them.


Ahh…one can dream.