#WhatMelWears: Last Year’s Cruise 2k15

Remember over a year ago when my family went on a cruise? Well here are some outfit photos from that time that I forgot to post. YES. Okay, I forgot about outfit posts that are over a year old. SUE ME. But look, I’m doing it now so get off my back, geez.

Did I also mention that we’re going on a best friend cruise at the end of May? Because we are. And if I were a good blogger and a liar I would tell you that I’m posting these in preparation for that. But I’m not. I just forgot. My b. #bestfriendcruise2k16


I. Can’t. Wait. to lie on the beach for five days and get weird sunburn lines with my friends. IT’S GON’ BE GOOD, Y’ALL. Look out the rest of the week for some other year old outfits. 😀