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I’m Urban Now

HEY! I just found this that I wrote, like, TWO MONTHS AGO!? Because I’m a terrible person. BUT you get to read it now. :* —- HEY GANG. So I’ve lived in Dallas for a little over a week now so I’m super urban and adjusted now. I can get to work without using Google Maps… Read more »


When I was about eleven or twelve I remember visiting my aunt and uncle in Dallas. I remember walking around the emerging construction neighborhoods with my family and dreaming out loud with my sister of the day we would move there. We wandered inside houses that weren’t quite finished yet and talked about things we… Read more »


Sometimes we aren’t loved the way we want to be. You know what I mean? So often as single people we get too caught up in being romantically loved by someone else. We hunt and search for that one person who makes us light up. We look for someone to give all of our love… Read more »

Life is Funny

Life is funny. When this year started I had plans. Ridiculous plans that I thought would make me happy and ‘fix’ all the things wrong with my life and myself. Like repairing my broken marriage, moving to Tyler, finding a high paying job that I didn’t really care for. It’s the end of December and… Read more »


Where to begin? I’ve been absent from this blog for over three months, and, like I always say, it was not on purpose. I miss the dumb ol’ blog. How have you guys been? Any neat things happen? SOUNDS GREAT. So I guess I’ll start here: In August I became the loneliest I’ve ever been…. Read more »

Getting To Know You: Bailey

A little over a year ago Kait, our friend Robert and I accompanied our choir director to a local private school to observe their choir rehearsal for our choral conducting class. In that rehearsal sat my now friend Bailey. Last August he started school at UT Tyler and joined the choir. I was “graduated” by… Read more »