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Dallas Bucket List: Method Coffee

HOORAY! FINALLY after months of hearing about this place and Cait raving about their flavored lattes, I visited Method. Cait and I have a biweekly (early) morning coffee date and until now have frequented the hot-dude magnet coffee shop Houndstooth in Knox/Henderson. (Seriously. Go there on a Wednesday morning. Literally DOZENS of hot dudes hanging… Read more »

Dallas Bucket List: Rooftop Nights

  I’m really not sure where my obsession with rooftops began. Really with all outdoor spaces. One of my requirements for an apartment here was that it have a porch or patio or balcony. (Thank you, Jesus, for giving me one!) I follow a photographer on Snapchat that lives in Deep Ellum, a mile and… Read more »

Experiencing Austin

Remember when we went to an adult prom? Good times. The next morning, four of us trekked out into Austin for some pizza. All the while gandering at the rocks and hills and creeks. Okay, Austin, you’re gorgeous.  Most of us were feeling great. Can you guess who wasn’t? After tons of pizza, we drove to the… Read more »

A Night to Remember

Seven years ago I attended my senior prom. I know. My friends and I all went together and had the best night ever. We goofy danced the night away laughing and being ridiculous. LOOK AT THOSE BABY FACES. And s/o to myself for going hard putting that blue and green eyeshadow allllll the way up to my… Read more »

Dallas Bucket List: Cowboys Game

If you’re a Texan, you’re a Cowboys fan. You just are. Don’t try to fight it, accept it. I’ve never been to any college or professional football game. I never had the opportunity and didn’t really seek it out. Almost a month ago, my friend Kalie asked if I wanted to go with her family…. Read more »

Getting To Know You: Derrick

The first memory I have of Derrick is our first week at UT Tyler together. We were upstairs in the classroom that would become our room for most of our classes over the next two years, all strangers in the building that would shape and change our lives. Kait and I were sitting in the… Read more »