Trauma: What Lies Beneath

I was dating someone else at the time, but something drew me to him; something stubborn and young. I saw him from across the church and said to myself, “I’m going to marry him.” The first time I met him was at a bible study in our pastor’s home. I found myself glancing at the door for any sign of him, completely ignoring whatever anyone else was saying. The first months we were together were easy. Ten months later, on my 19th birthday, he asked me to marry him in front of our friends, family and church members. I remember feeling uncomfortable. I remember feeling ignorant, like there was something I should’ve known. I remember feeling strong-willed and cloaked myself in the attitude that I knew what was right for me at the wise old age of 19.

Little more than a year later we were married. We walked back down the aisle together and someone asked us how we felt. I felt empty. Thoughts like, “what have I done?” and “I made a huge mistake,” danced across my head. But I dismissed them. After all, it was too late then.

I don’t think any one thing ended our marriage. It was a cocktail of tiny things that mixed into something that couldn’t be fixed. Less than six months in we’d settled into a routine. He resented me for not working and only going to school, I resented him for not spending time with me. We fought. I’d wait like a puppy at the door for him to come home, he’d peck me on the head, then fall asleep on the couch only waking up to play video games and leave me to do what I wanted alone. I walked out of every fight hoping he’d come after me, a habit I’d learn too late was toxic. I couldn’t articulate my feelings or emotions and harbored painful resentment for the way I thought he emotionally and physically neglected me. Our sex life was non-existent. I felt like a nymphomaniac anytime I’d want to do something because I’d inevitably get shut down. Growing up we were both taught that sex was a sin, specifically sex outside of marriage. But what about sex inside a marriage? No one taught us that was healthy.

We locked each other out instead of learning to grow together and appreciate the other’s passions and hobbies. We lived an hour away in any direction from any friends or family, a situation I refuse forever to put myself in again. We had no support system, no friends, no one to talk to outside of our struggling relationship. Less than two years into our marriage I met someone in college. We talked too much and he became my emotional support. That emotional affair is what some people from my life back then will tell you ended my marriage. I call bullshit.

We separated in December 2012 after he found the texts on my phone. He took the car, my debit cards and my phone leaving me literally stranded. He stayed away for days spewing my “sin” to all of his family. He told me repeatedly our failure was my fault and I was the one with all the problems. We went to therapy once and he refused to speak, telling the counselor I was the one that needed therapy. Not him. After a while I started to believe him.

The first night back at my parents’ was brutal. Pepper was only six months and I’d just lost whatever independence I had. I walked in covered in shame and guilt, something nearly everyone in my life placed on me after they found out. I grew up southern baptist and divorce is this faraway thing that we don’t talk about. And you better not do it, ’cause God wants you with whoever you married no matter what. I cried crumpled in a ball on the couch and they took me to bed. I fell face down onto the air mattress and my sister threw a blanket on me because I physically couldn’t move. I don’t think any of us really understood the magnitude of those days.

My middle sister, Shelby, was in college a few hours away and visited on weekends. When she wasn’t there, I propped my laptop up right next to the bed and put 30 Rock on repeat so I could fall asleep. The suicidal and rampant guilt thoughts were incessant. I still remember the first time I thought about suicide and the sheer shock and pain I felt still haunts me.

In college we had a free counseling center. God knows how I found out about it. I hid my situation for months, pretending like everything was okay as I lost upwards of sixty pounds and started driving a different car, but when I physically couldn’t stop my thoughts I (somehow) gathered up enough courage to reach out for professional help. I made the call and set up an appointment with Katie, someone I would later find out was a psychology student–not a licensed therapist just yet. Katie was fine and let me spill my guts out on the floor for six weeks, three times a week. I started feeling better and actually processed what I could of the separation and pending divorce. I walked away from my last session feeling healed.

We tried to make it work for about eight months, but nothing changed. After I while I shut off my heart and told him I was through for good. Not long after, he started dating someone and married her later that year.

In 2015, I finally got “serious” enough and found myself in a relationship for the first time since the divorce. I made things bigger than they actually were and I was angry a lot of the time. I felt hurt by things that didn’t matter that much and subconsciously pushed him away. I found myself not trusting him (he was untrustworthy, but this has more to do with my issues than his) and spiraling anytime I felt the slightest bit hurt. I blamed him for things and feelings that he had no responsibility for which actually hurt me more. He told me I was a hurricane, but he also taught me how to communicate. Years later I recognize how toxic he was for me, but that doesn’t mean good things didn’t happen. He forced me to speak my mind and tell him my feelings, something I’ll be forever grateful for. We broke up in November of that year and I hit some of my darkest days. It was mere months after leaving everything familiar and moving hours away where I knew him and him alone. His leaving ripped open a part of me I didn’t know existed. For the first time I felt true darkness; physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. The only thing I remember about the next six months is black. I don’t remember sun. Ever. I don’t remember Christmas. I don’t remember friendships or family. All I see is black.

I sought the help of a professional counselor and saw her for about six months to process, again, my relationship with him. He consumed my every waking thought and I couldn’t make it through a single day without crippling anxiety and depression. I couldn’t think or eat and I lost weight again.

I walked away from my last session with my counselor feeling healed.

I dated off and on after that but something nagged at me, pulling me to be alone. I was scared, sure. I’d hardly been single a month from the time I was 14. What would I do without constant romantic companionship? Who would I text all day? Who would say they loved me?
I sought out manipulative relationships to make me feel something. I wasn’t emotionally healthy and subconsciously I needed someone to hurt me because I didn’t know what anything healthy felt like. I’d never been in a healthy relationship and tricked myself into thinking the ones I’d been in and were seeking out were. (You can read more about those here.)

I’d finally had enough about May of 2016 and cut myself off from anything remotely romantic. I actively avoided seeing or texting anyone I’d had romantic contact with and blocked myself completely out of that mindset. The universe heard me and let me be for a little while. Six months later, I felt healthy enough to seek out someone to be my partner. A real partner. And I found him. We spent the first three months of our relationship falling head over heels and committing to “doing things right” this time. We both felt like this was something bigger than anything we’d been part of before. And for the first time, I felt true love.

Six months in, after all my trying and “habit breaking,” my trauma reemerged. I fought hard and got angry at things that didn’t matter. I took every decision he made personally and let him know it. Anything that could’ve been perceived as mildly painful for me was augmented to next level pain. An emotionally unhealthy person will do that. I could hear my tiny healthy self telling my big unhealthy self to calm down. Think rationally. Let it go. But my unhealthy self was too big and powerful and took over the entire relationship. It broke us. And it broke me.

I turned 27 over the weekend. I spent it sitting lakeside with my family and pups and had the best hike and swim of the year. On my way back to Dallas I listed to a podcast on spiritual trauma and it hit me in my core. It hit me in a spot I didn’t know needed to be hit. I sat in my driveway and sobbed. All this time I thought I was just being self-deprecating and not thinking I deserved love but what was actually happening was much more serious. My subconscious has been severely damaged and won’t let me get near to anyone that I might trust or love. My subconscious thinks it’s my failed marriage all over again and my fight or flight reactions come out in full force. For years I thought I needed love to fix me. That if the right person came along, I wouldn’t do or say or be this thing anymore. I’d be healed. How wrong I was.

For my 27th birthday I’m giving myself the gift of forgiveness. I’m trying to forgive myself for the irreparable harm I’ve done to those I never in a million years wanted to hurt. I’m giving myself the gift of professional help. Love cannot fix me. Relationships cannot fix me. There is something wrong in my brain and I’m not operating at full capacity. I’m in pain. And I’m doing everything in my power to heal.


If you’ve been through emotional trauma, you’re not alone. An extremely heartfelt THANK YOU to those that have reached out to me through direct message on Instagram. I’ve never met any of you in real life but your kindness and genuineness is why I love humanity.


Keep going.





My Early 1900s Apartment: The Before

I love that my blog feed here is full of home and apartment renovations lately! I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s my dream to buy and gut a house and start from scratch! Preferably an old baby like the one I live in now. My dream friend, Sarah Rhodes of Arrow and Apple, out in Phoenix renovates homes for a living now with her wood-making husband, Josh. They and their two perfectly adorable desert babies (let it be known my computer wants to correct it to ‘dessert babies.’ I do not want to eat your children, Sarah. Promise.) are livening up Phoenix with wood, concrete and cactus and her feed kills me. I’d snap one of those houses up so fast if I lived out west!

So in an effort to be like Sarah, it is with great pride that I share the beautiful before of my eventual before and after of my 1900s apartment. Try not to drool on yourself too much.

(Psst! See my previous tour here!)

Apartment Before:

Living Room
Before: 1900s apartment

This fireplace is original to the apartment. While it doesn’t work anymore, it’s an incredible feature and I’m so glad it’s been preserved! This is what you see right when you walk in. My apartment actually used to be a house, then it was a duplex, then a four-plex which is what it is now. Amazingly, most of the original features have been kept! The hardwoods, interior doors and doorknobs, windows and trim. It can be difficult to find apartments like this some places. I’m thankful for historical societies that protect these places!

Before: 1900s apartment

Here’s the other side of the living room. The hardwoods are all original and have been redone. They’re in decent shape actually! These windows get gorgeous indirect light and out the two corner windows is a pink crepe myrtle in full bloom. In the afternoon it gives the prettiest dappled light.

Before: 1900s apartment

The living room is a really good size. I can fit my entire family in here and we all have a seat! Something I couldn’t say for my old place. That dark stained door you see is in my bedroom and goes to the balcony which is the size of my old living room! I haven’t gotten a good shot of it just yet, but it’ll be it’s own tour. It’s that big!

Before: 1900s apartment bedroom

Swing through those little double doors and you get to my bedroom. This shot makes it look a lot smaller than it actually is. I can fit a large mid century desk, a long IKEA dresser and my queen size bed with tons of room to spare! The walk-in closet has two windows and an original bench storage seat that I store my winter stuff in. All the doors and interior knobs are original. I can’t believe I get to live here. What insane luck.

Before: 1900s apartment

The doorknob on the balcony door is sparkly, clear glass. So pretty. The hardwoods in the bedroom could stand a refinish, but since I don’t own this place I’ll pass on that job. Lying in bed at night, I can see straight to the sky through the windows on the door.

Before: 1900s apartment

My landlord told me he and his nephew spent dozens, probably hundreds, of hours sanding down the old linoleum to find this gorgeous original hardwood underneath. They added a fancy dishwasher, a gas stove and the cute stained glass feature above the sink. This kitchen is big enough to hold almost everyone in the Dugger family. Like, no one has to back out butt first so the person at the end of the kitchen can get out like my old place. It was more like the stall a bull is in before he gets ridden in a rodeo than it was a kitchen. THIS is a kitchen. I plan to add a stainless steel island in the middle for extra counter space and to take up all that free space. I feel it will make the space feel more closed in than so open.

Before: 1900s apartment

Swing a little to your right and here’s the door that goes down to the yard. YES. THERE’S A YARD! It’s in really bad shape, though. It’s pretty shaded and bamboo from the neighbors has crept over and all but taken over the soil. When it rains it gets flooded in parts, but crushed granite will be there by the end of the summer to take care of that. I’m looking into grasses that can withstand shade. St. Augustine seems like a good possibility, but what about the bamboo? Would it kill it? I hate bamboo.

Before: 1900s apartment

All the way around again and here is the fridge and where the dryer will go once I buy a set. The washer is just a few feet away in the hallway. Because it’s an old building, there were only ever hookups for a washer. The dryer was added later.

Before: 1900s apartment

Here’s the hallway off of the kitchen. See that nook to the right? That’s where the washer goes. There are cabinets up above that provide a lot of extra storage for this craft lovin’ (dog) mama. I plan to add some neat hook storage on the far right side of the hallway for my novelty bags. On the left I plan to add some kind of pattern. I was thinking small black cactus? The whole apartment will likely be white at some point this year, so keep that in mind!

Before: 1900s apartment

The bathroom. Oh! The bathroom. That tile. The original hardware on the closet door. The light. Ugh. It’s sickening how gorgeous it is in here! There weren’t any outlets when I moved in, bizarrely enough, but I’m having an electrician come out to add at least one. I’d love at least two in here but since my landlord doesn’t currently have a sheetrock person I’ll settle for one for now. I like the light blue color. It looks beautiful in the natural light, but I’m all for a new paint color. What would you do in here?


And that’s it! This is just the before. I have some ideas already, but there is just so much more space in here than my old place that my want for more shelves just isn’t needed. That means I get to fill up the walls with ART! Wahoo! Point me in the direction of some of your favorite pieces because that hallway is begging for some brightly colored art!


Stay tuned for the progress reports!




Goodbye 5301, Hello 4813: Moving to an Early 1900s Fourplex

If you’ve been keeping up with my move on social media, you’ll remember my moaning and groaning about packing up by 500 square foot apartment and moving shells into a much, MUCH larger one. We’re talking almost twice the space here, people. Would you be surprised if I told you I can fill it up no problem? Didn’t think so.

This time, I had the presence of mind to snap some photos of my very empty, but still happy looking, 5301 apartment. I was surprised at my lack of feeling seeing it so desolate. This was my first apartment. The place that allowed me to move to Dallas at all. The place I stood in front of on the sidewalk crying as I watched my family drive away, realizing I was really alone. The place I ran to when I was upset or depressed. The place I hosted parties and family and friends. The place I made a lot (a lot) of stupid mistakes. The place I first met Paden. The place I adopted Ginger. The place where Paden’s dog Butter peed on my Christmas tree. The place I had my first Christmas on my own. The place I realized just how dark loneliness can get and just how scary suicidal thoughts can be.

The place I reached out for help and the place I grew into who I am right now.

But when I walked around that empty place, I felt nothing. I didn’t want to cry, I didn’t want to stay there anymore. I wanted to move. Nothing about that place was begging me to stay anymore. Too much pain and tears and sorrow and not enough happy happened in that place and it was just time for me to go. I needed a new start. I needed a physical representation of letting go. And this move was that for me. I’m in a brand new (to me) place and I’m able to truly start over here. I don’t have to look around at those walls and see the pain or remember words that were said in those spots. I get to really let it all go and forget it. For real this time.

So. Just for the record, here are the empty photos of my 5301 apartment. It served me well.

But it’s not you 5301, it’s me.

DIY eye statement wallblush pink bedroom wallnatural light and white walls


So, there she is. Empty and ready for the next soul to inhabit it and make it their own. Oh, btw. The photos are straight the floors just really are that crooked. 😛

I loved living here because it gave me the opportunity to discover my passion for styling, DIYing and my desire to gut a place and start from scratch. (A literal dream of mine since I was young.) It allowed me to change things I wanted to and to dream of what the space could be. I feel like I did a pretty damn good job of turning it into home for the two years I spent there. I hope the next person loves it as much as I did.



Love you, 5301. Bye forever!


PSSST! Click HERE to see the latest apartment tour of this space!


End of Summer Goals: Saving Money and Sleeping Better

edgy plus size style

HAPPY HUMPDAY! It’s time for some goals, bbs! We’re almost there. So. Close. We can do this, guys! The closer we get to the end of the week means the closer we are to the end of July. And the closer we get to the end of July means the closer we get to August. And the closer we get to August means the closer we get to TEMPERATURES UNDER 100 DEGREES.

So because of all that and also because we’re literally almost halfway through July already (HOW?! AND YAY!) I decided to motivate myself a little bit and do a little goals post inspired by Valery Brennan and her small goals posts! Also, you should really check her out. If you’re into quirky feminist shirts she’s got a shop for that, too. The girl does it all!

I decided to share some small goals because 1. I love lists, and 2. I really love lists. I recently discovered I have pretty horrible A.D.D. and a suuuper low brain score (check yours HERE) (I know. This is such a wide range of topics, but WHATEVER. It’s my blog and I do what I want.) so lists help me stay “organized.” Which is my word for actually just makes me neurotic and stressed because I haven’t completed the whole list.

For the last eight months or so I’ve been waking up stressed. Like, can’t get it all done can’t have coffee because it makes me anxious daily overdraft notifications from my bank stressed. Last Friday morning I’d finally had enough. With my move and everything comfortable changing so quickly I decided I have to start taking care of myself. No more staying up super late and waking up when I should be leaving, flying by the seat of my pants with my money and eating whatever I want so none of my clothes fit. YOU’RE NOT FIFTEEN ANYMORE, MELODY.

So here they are. My small goals for the rest of July! (Vacation excluded.)

  1. Get to sleep by 10:30
  2. Get up by 7:00 (I know this may seem late for some, but it’s honestly a really big challenge for me!)
  3. No more having the TV on in the background when I fall asleep
  4. Drink at least 150 ounces of water daily
  5. Walk the dogs five days a week for thirty minutes
  6. Keep frivolous expenses to a minimum


I know these may not seem super hard to some, but they’re a daily, hourly, minute-ly (?) struggle for me. I’ve made these goals before and just given up the first day. But I feel like utter $hit daily and Paden is tired of me complaining so these are some very small things I can do to make my quality of life better.

A bonus goal I already completed is using the Clarity Money app to comb through my monthly subscriptions and cancelling what I didn’t need or use! I saved myself $30 a month and countless dollars in overdraft fees for subscriptions I forgot to budget for. (Not sponsored! Just a super cool app!) Yay for no more overdraft notifications when I wake up!


What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the summer?





I Bought From SheInside and Here’s What Happened


SheInside order review

If you’ve ever looked at any style hashtags on Instagram, you’ve probably seen something about SheInside. It’s probably more colloquially known as SheIn, or that’s how I knew it anyway. If you are anything like me, broke but loves fashion, your eye widens at those incredibly low prices and wonders, “Is this even legit? How could this be?! HAS MY DREAM REALLY COME TRUE?!” The styles on SheInside‘s website are trendy and up to date and there are hundreds of options. But I’m a skeptic, okay? I’m wary of websites boasting free shipping on any U.S. order no minimum and super cheap prices.

A few questions I had about SheInside before I ordered:

Is this legit?

How long will the shipping take?

Where is this even coming from?

What is the sizing like?

Will what I ordered show up how it shows on the website?

Seriously. Is this legit?

Okay, so that’s more than a few, but I told you I was a skeptic. Romwe is a similar site to SheInside, but I haven’t ordered from them. (The girls over at A Beautiful Mess seem to have great luck, though!)

So Melody, what exactly is SheInside or SheIn?

Well fren, let me tell you. SheIn is an online only clothing, shoe and accessory website founded by a “group of passionate fashion loving individuals” from North Brunswick, New Jersey. *SHOCKED FACE* Surprised? So was I. By the looks of it, and by the language and wording in the emails and newsletters sent from this company, it seems that it could be run by a child labor sweatshop in China. (No offense, China.) But alas, according the ‘About Us’ page it’s just a bunch of Brunswick hipsters that have somehow grown their company to be able to sell out of one of their (probably hundreds of) global warehouses.

So if everything seems alright, why is everyone so skeptical?

Again fren, let me tell you. Nothing fantastic can ever come of dresses and tops that only cost $8. Is it sustainable fashion? No way. Are these clothes probably made in sweatshops? It’s possible. (Hence the super low costs.) Are the clothes what they seem to be? Well, keep reading for that.


The “Beach Blanket”

Sheinside donut beach blanket

Let’s start with this supposed round donut printed beach blanket. 

The Pros: 

It’s round!
It looks like a donut!
The price! ($10)

The Cons:

This is a scarf, 100% 🙁

Sheinside donut beach blanketSheinside donut beach blanket
Here’s the thing about this “beach blanket.” HEAVY ON THE AIR QUOTES. It looked adorable online and looked way bigger than how it showed up. It’s honestly like a silky, round scarf. I used it as a tablecloth for a hot minute because I couldn’t return it as it was categorized as ‘beachwear.’ *eyeroll* So what will I do with it now? Idk, how does one wear a huge, round scarf?


The Pink Scalloped Dress

SheInside pink scalloped velvet dress

The Pros:

Showed up just like it did on the website
The scallops are adorable
It’s actually suede (esque)!
The price ($12, I think?)

The Mehs:

Sizing is okay.

The Cons: 

Like, I’m short, okay. 5’3″. BUT THIS SHOWS MY BUTT.
No pockets 🙁

SheInside pink scalloped velvet dress SheInside pink scalloped velvet dress SheInside pink scalloped velvet dress

This was the one item I ordered that I was actually excited about. Those scallops! The blush color! I tried it on and while it fit, it wasn’t as loose as the model online portrayed it, nor the cute girl flaunting it on Instagram underneath the product photo. If I’m honest, her photo was the reason I bought this. We seemed to be similar heights and sizes but boy howdy did it fit us differently. I’ve worn this once as a top and a skirt over it. It’s even too much of an odd length to wear with jeans or tights or pants. I’ll keep working with it and who knows! Maybe it’ll show up in an outfit post someday.


The Glasses

SheInside faux glasses review
The Pros:

Just like what is shown on the website
The quality
Each comes in its own hard zippered case (!)
The price!

The Cons:


SheInside faux glasses review SheInside faux glasses review SheInside faux glasses review


Sorry to all you legit glasses wearers out there, but my 20/20 vision can’t see you with these cool a$$ glasses on. I was super surprised to find that each pair of glasses came its own, granted cheesy, zippered hard case. I’m not, ahem, the most careful human being so this was something I’d actually needed for some of my vintage sunglasses. I don’t have any complaints about these glasses, only that I wish the tortoise shell print was a bit more realistic.


What was the shipping like?

SheIn offers free shipping on all US orders–no minimum! Which is a big, fat bold tick mark in the ‘Pro’ column for me. The big, fat bold tick mark in the ‘Con’ column? The wait. I ordered my items 3/21 and got them 4/4. Which is only two weeks, but that’s a long time considering the typical 3-5 business day most retail sites can manage. For a company this large and with as many warehouses as they claim to have, why should it take this long?


Was it worth it?

If I had to rank this from an ‘Absolutely!’ to a ‘No way in H-E-double-hockey-stix’ I’d give it a ‘Meh.’ I don’t think my first order could give me a complete picture of what SheIn really offers. Which, I guess, is pretty telling for a brand, right? If the shipping sux and a couple of the five items I ordered don’t live up to snuff, a normal person would probably choose the H-E-double-hockey-stix. But I’m not normal people. If you’re looking for a retailer specializing in sustainable fashion keep walking, Betty. If you’re looking for a cheap fix for your trend wants, look no further. SheIn gotchu.


So there you have it. My first ever and probably not my last order from SheInside. Did I answer all of your questions? Anything I left out? Would you order from this company? Have you? What’s your experience? Is that too many questions?




A Girls Weekend Thrifting in Round Top, Texas

Thrifting in Round Top, Texas

If you’ve read any post on this blog at all, you know I love thrifting. What’s better than second hand cool junk? So naturally I’d hit up Round Top, Texas. The sale Emily Henderson, Junk Gypsies and Joanna Gaines hit up to buy antiques and vintage items and then, in some cases, duplicate and peddle to the masses for three times the cost. Ever heard of it? The Round Top sale doesn’t have a name. If you want to go you ask your friends, “Hey, you wanna go to Round Top?” and if they’re cool they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

Hey idiot! What is Round Top?

Round Top is a vintage/antique sale that runs for a week twice a year. It’s free, unless you want to go into The Red Building, but I and my six friends recommend that you do not do that. We paid $10 to swiftly walk through a building with items running anywhere from $100 for a piece of paper up to $30,000 for a crystal punch bowl. HARD PASS. Instead, park anywhere in the literal 90 person town and walk around looking at all the booths. We highly recommend stopping at Royers Pie Haven for sustenance.

Thrifting in Round Top, Texas

I don’t like to thrift. Should I still go?

The town of Round Top is an anomaly to me. It only has 90 residents and every single building there is literally from the 1800s, but twice a year thousands of people flock to it to thrift the sale. It’s a beautiful part of central Texas and I highly recommend you check it out if you’re ever able! Even if you don’t like junk, it’s an experience all in its own. Take your significant other and drive through parts of central Texas gandering at the livestock. Get some fresh air walking around this tiny town! See old buildings and meet the vendors that literally travel the entire country for months on end setting up booths and selling their stuff. It’s a cool place.

Thrifting in Round Top, Texas Thrifting in Round Top, Texas
Somehow we all made it to the sale living all across the state. These friendships are wonderful and I cherish them, even though I hate that word. We bond over thrifting junk. What can I say?

Thrifting in Round Top, Texas Thrifting in Round Top, Texas Thrifting in Round Top, Texas


There’s a 110% chance I took one of these longhorn skulls home with me. FOR $80. My mind exploded I think when the guy told me these were only $80. It looks incredible hanging above my bed. While I can’t let my mind wander where these were sourced, I’m just glad I finally found one.

Thrifting in Round Top, Texas

Also, what would a friend trip be without (non-thrifted) cheese fries? The stand with the couple from Philadelphia has the BEST CHEESE FRIES ON EARTH. Hand cut potatoes, fried and topped with liquid cheese. Yum. Visit them and try their lobster roll!


Have you ever been to Round Top? What’d you think? Would you go?