End of Summer Goals: Saving Money and Sleeping Better

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HAPPY HUMPDAY! It’s time for some goals, bbs! We’re almost there. So. Close. We can do this, guys! The closer we get to the end of the week means the closer we are to the end of July. And the closer we get to the end of July means the closer we get to August. And the closer we get to August means the closer we get to TEMPERATURES UNDER 100 DEGREES.

So because of all that and also because we’re literally almost halfway through July already (HOW?! AND YAY!) I decided to motivate myself a little bit and do a little goals post inspired by Valery Brennan and her small goals posts! Also, you should really check her out. If you’re into quirky feminist shirts she’s got a shop for that, too. The girl does it all!

I decided to share some small goals because 1. I love lists, and 2. I really love lists. I recently discovered I have pretty horrible A.D.D. and a suuuper low brain score (check yours HERE) (I know. This is such a wide range of topics, but WHATEVER. It’s my blog and I do what I want.) so lists help me stay “organized.” Which is my word for actually just makes me neurotic and stressed because I haven’t completed the whole list.

For the last eight months or so I’ve been waking up stressed. Like, can’t get it all done can’t have coffee because it makes me anxious daily overdraft notifications from my bank stressed. Last Friday morning I’d finally had enough. With my move and everything comfortable changing so quickly I decided I have to start taking care of myself. No more staying up super late and waking up when I should be leaving, flying by the seat of my pants with my money and eating whatever I want so none of my clothes fit. YOU’RE NOT FIFTEEN ANYMORE, MELODY.

So here they are. My small goals for the rest of July! (Vacation excluded.)

  1. Get to sleep by 10:30
  2. Get up by 7:00 (I know this may seem late for some, but it’s honestly a really big challenge for me!)
  3. No more having the TV on in the background when I fall asleep
  4. Drink at least 150 ounces of water daily
  5. Walk the dogs five days a week for thirty minutes
  6. Keep frivolous expenses to a minimum


I know these may not seem super hard to some, but they’re a daily, hourly, minute-ly (?) struggle for me. I’ve made these goals before and just given up the first day. But I feel like utter $hit daily and Paden is tired of me complaining so these are some very small things I can do to make my quality of life better.

A bonus goal I already completed is using the Clarity Money app to comb through my monthly subscriptions and cancelling what I didn’t need or use! I saved myself $30 a month and countless dollars in overdraft fees for subscriptions I forgot to budget for. (Not sponsored! Just a super cool app!) Yay for no more overdraft notifications when I wake up!


What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the summer?