I Bought From SheInside and Here’s What Happened


SheInside order review

If you’ve ever looked at any style hashtags on Instagram, you’ve probably seen something about SheInside. It’s probably more colloquially known as SheIn, or that’s how I knew it anyway. If you are anything like me, broke but loves fashion, your eye widens at those incredibly low prices and wonders, “Is this even legit? How could this be?! HAS MY DREAM REALLY COME TRUE?!” The styles on SheInside‘s website are trendy and up to date and there are hundreds of options. But I’m a skeptic, okay? I’m wary of websites boasting free shipping on any U.S. order no minimum and super cheap prices.

A few questions I had about SheInside before I ordered:

Is this legit?

How long will the shipping take?

Where is this even coming from?

What is the sizing like?

Will what I ordered show up how it shows on the website?

Seriously. Is this legit?

Okay, so that’s more than a few, but I told you I was a skeptic. Romwe is a similar site to SheInside, but I haven’t ordered from them. (The girls over at A Beautiful Mess seem to have great luck, though!)

So Melody, what exactly is SheInside or SheIn?

Well fren, let me tell you. SheIn is an online only clothing, shoe and accessory website founded by a “group of passionate fashion loving individuals” from North Brunswick, New Jersey. *SHOCKED FACE* Surprised? So was I. By the looks of it, and by the language and wording in the emails and newsletters sent from this company, it seems that it could be run by a child labor sweatshop in China. (No offense, China.) But alas, according the ‘About Us’ page it’s just a bunch of Brunswick hipsters that have somehow grown their company to be able to sell out of one of their (probably hundreds of) global warehouses.

So if everything seems alright, why is everyone so skeptical?

Again fren, let me tell you. Nothing fantastic can ever come of dresses and tops that only cost $8. Is it sustainable fashion? No way. Are these clothes probably made in sweatshops? It’s possible. (Hence the super low costs.) Are the clothes what they seem to be? Well, keep reading for that.


The “Beach Blanket”

Sheinside donut beach blanket

Let’s start with this supposed round donut printed beach blanket. 

The Pros: 

It’s round!
It looks like a donut!
The price! ($10)

The Cons:

This is a scarf, 100% 🙁

Sheinside donut beach blanketSheinside donut beach blanket
Here’s the thing about this “beach blanket.” HEAVY ON THE AIR QUOTES. It looked adorable online and looked way bigger than how it showed up. It’s honestly like a silky, round scarf. I used it as a tablecloth for a hot minute because I couldn’t return it as it was categorized as ‘beachwear.’ *eyeroll* So what will I do with it now? Idk, how does one wear a huge, round scarf?


The Pink Scalloped Dress

SheInside pink scalloped velvet dress

The Pros:

Showed up just like it did on the website
The scallops are adorable
It’s actually suede (esque)!
The price ($12, I think?)

The Mehs:

Sizing is okay.

The Cons: 

Like, I’m short, okay. 5’3″. BUT THIS SHOWS MY BUTT.
No pockets 🙁

SheInside pink scalloped velvet dress SheInside pink scalloped velvet dress SheInside pink scalloped velvet dress

This was the one item I ordered that I was actually excited about. Those scallops! The blush color! I tried it on and while it fit, it wasn’t as loose as the model online portrayed it, nor the cute girl flaunting it on Instagram underneath the product photo. If I’m honest, her photo was the reason I bought this. We seemed to be similar heights and sizes but boy howdy did it fit us differently. I’ve worn this once as a top and a skirt over it. It’s even too much of an odd length to wear with jeans or tights or pants. I’ll keep working with it and who knows! Maybe it’ll show up in an outfit post someday.


The Glasses

SheInside faux glasses review
The Pros:

Just like what is shown on the website
The quality
Each comes in its own hard zippered case (!)
The price!

The Cons:


SheInside faux glasses review SheInside faux glasses review SheInside faux glasses review


Sorry to all you legit glasses wearers out there, but my 20/20 vision can’t see you with these cool a$$ glasses on. I was super surprised to find that each pair of glasses came its own, granted cheesy, zippered hard case. I’m not, ahem, the most careful human being so this was something I’d actually needed for some of my vintage sunglasses. I don’t have any complaints about these glasses, only that I wish the tortoise shell print was a bit more realistic.


What was the shipping like?

SheIn offers free shipping on all US orders–no minimum! Which is a big, fat bold tick mark in the ‘Pro’ column for me. The big, fat bold tick mark in the ‘Con’ column? The wait. I ordered my items 3/21 and got them 4/4. Which is only two weeks, but that’s a long time considering the typical 3-5 business day most retail sites can manage. For a company this large and with as many warehouses as they claim to have, why should it take this long?


Was it worth it?

If I had to rank this from an ‘Absolutely!’ to a ‘No way in H-E-double-hockey-stix’ I’d give it a ‘Meh.’ I don’t think my first order could give me a complete picture of what SheIn really offers. Which, I guess, is pretty telling for a brand, right? If the shipping sux and a couple of the five items I ordered don’t live up to snuff, a normal person would probably choose the H-E-double-hockey-stix. But I’m not normal people. If you’re looking for a retailer specializing in sustainable fashion keep walking, Betty. If you’re looking for a cheap fix for your trend wants, look no further. SheIn gotchu.


So there you have it. My first ever and probably not my last order from SheInside. Did I answer all of your questions? Anything I left out? Would you order from this company? Have you? What’s your experience? Is that too many questions?




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