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This is in the hot running for favorite outfit ever. Without the kimono this outfit is really nothing. Without the pink wall the kimono is really nothing. They were meant to be.

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kimono: Forever21, tee: Old Navy, jeans: Forever21, pendant: Forever21, boots: Urban Outfitters (similar)

The rain, the mist, the pink wall… all of this made Saturday so perfect.

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset


Happy Monday //



PS. Can’t stop listening to Mike Mains and the Branches song Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. GET IT AND THANK ME LATER.

6 Free iPhone Apps You Should Download

Hello! Been looking for something to do on that iPhone of yours? I’ve come up with six FREE and unique apps you should download. Experiment with them and let me know what you think!



This is my number one photo editing app. There are dozens of filters! Be sure to download all they offer for $5.99 for a limited time!  They still add new editing tools so you don’t get comfortable with the ones you first downloaded. Only downside is there is no full rotate!
TIP: Sign up for their in-app photo share stream, The Grid, and explore their tutorials and blog posts within the app, too.



Secure Safe
Have a lot of passwords? Word document or desktop sticky note getting really full? That was the case with me until I found this app. It alphabetizes all passwords and usernames by the name you choose. You can add the URL and a comment if you want. Want to keep track of documents too? Never fear! There’s space for that here!
TIP: If you double tap the home button it will log out of your current session and not save the entry you were in the middle of inputting. For safety!


Park Mobile

Park Mobile
For you big city folk this is perfect. Parking on the street in front of a meter has never been easier. It will alert you before your time runs out and you can pay for more time right within the app! There’s a neat feature called Find My Car. Forgot where you parked? The app will keep track of it since you put in your license number and state of registration. (Handy if it gets stolen too, maybe?)
TIP: You will need to input your credit/debit card information to register, but it does not save it within the app.



Dragon Dictation (Not optimized for iPhone 5)
Know that dictation button within the message app? This is basically the same except it picks up on your speech a little better. You can also post status updates to Twitter and Facebook! Perfect if you don’t want to stare at a screen. PSA: Don’t text and drive!
TIP: To add punctuation say the type of punctuation within your statement. To have the app dictate “How are you?” I would verbalize How are you question mark.



If you feel sluggish and not quite as quick on the draw, this app can fix that! It’s SO much fun! I’ve been out of the education loop for a few months so this swept away some of the cobwebs. 🙂 However, I know there is an option to buy a membership on their website but this hasn’t asked me for that.
TIP: You’ll need to register!



Seat Geek
Suggested by my friend Kait! She says, “Say you’re in Dallas or something and can’t find anything to do. You can search for cheap seats at the Rangers stadium!”
TIP: She says it’s really better to use the closer to the date of the actual event to get more of a discount.


So that’s it! Have you used any of these apps? Want to add some to the list that you use all the time? Leave them in the comments and share your genius! (After you use the lumosity app, of course. 🙂




Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice


blouse: thrifted, skirt: Target, shoes: thrifted

Have you ever seen that movie? Beetljuice? I haven’t. I only remember that Gina Davis was in it, right? And she was a ghost or something? Whatever, I hate scary movies and you can’t make me watch it. 🙂 By the way, the word ‘beetlejuice’ is the hardest word on the planet to type without thinking very hard. Try it I dare you!

I finally have my puppy back! I picked her up from being boarded yesterday and she was excited to see me. 🙂 She’s back to her old antics and antagonizing the poor cats. I’m on her side though, cats.

I have been in such a mood for ice cream the past few days. I think it’s the deprivation of all the salt air since we’ve come home and the fact that I had hardly any chocolate on vacation! COME ON. What kind of vacation is that?!

So if you want, send me some chocolate. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!!

*currently listening… Beautiful Things by Gungor

Lacey Sunday


dress: Target, sandals: F21, headband: F21

A super simple outfit for a humid Sunday! I love this dress. It’s one of the few things I’ve bought not on sale. A big kid purchase. 🙂

We are officially three days away from VACATION! Woo! A whole week in a four-story beach side house with my crazy family. Margaritas, sand, reading, water, margaritas, and lounging. I haven’t even started packing. My grandparents have literally been packed since April and my parents have been packed for a month. What are some good books I should bring? Most of my stuff is in storage so I need ideas!

Happy Monday!

*currently listening… Self-Starter by Anberlin

Things you should be watching.

Being in school I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube doing homework. Yeah, that’s it, homework! Sometimes while I’m doing, uh, homework, I get a little side-tracked and watch other things. Here are some videos I’ve found worth watching.

Seriously. THE funniest video I’ve watched. Ever. EW. (And now you and your friends can constantly say EW to everything. Friendship=strengthened.) (PS. Jimmy’s puppy Gary is HILARIOUS!)

The most beautiful thing you’ll hear all day. Promise. (Aren’t those boys precious?!)

ANYTHING. by this girl. She’s hilarious, professional, approachable, and really great at what she does. She rocks. I’ve been watching her videos non-stop for two weeks now and have barely made a dent! She’s got over 700 videos. Eeeee!

What are you waiting for? Get to watching!

PS! Enter the giveaway! Deadline’s at midnight tonight!

You Will Never Think of Me the Same…

When I worked at the public library I shelved countless books: adult, reference, children, youth, large print… I loved the library (most of the time) but my favorite room was the youth room. Mostly because I could hide back there and sit down for a while but most-mostly because of the books. It’s a small room, and the books are sparse, but whenever I could I’d meander back there and try to find some books worth reading. I found some real winners!
The IT Girl series by Cecily von Ziegesar.
1.The IT Girl

Set in New England, the main characters are a group of best friends going to private school. Materialistic, dramatic, girls.. you get it. This series comes either before or after Gossip Girls. Jenny Humphrey is a lead character in this series, for those of you who watch Gossip Girls. (I KNOW, okay. But they’re so good!) I started this series right before I quit working at the library. They only had the first four books so when I finished them I was so dissappointed in the ending until I found out there were SIX MORE BOOKS!

Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

A book about a high school girl who struggles with her self-image and self-esteem. She spends a summer and Italy and learns that her image doesn’t have to center around her weight. Such an awesome book. I felt like I was the girl! SO SO good.

I’m on Pinterest and have been pinning some books lately. They’re just as deep as the ones I mentioned above. 🙂

Playing the Field: The Game’s On and the Girls Are Out to Win
by Zoe Foster (Doesn’t it look really deep?)
Jean Bennett, aspiring jewellery designer, knows as much about football as she does astrophysics. But when she moves to the bright lights of Sydney and falls in love with star footballer Josh Fox, she has to learn – fast.

Thrown eyelashes first into the world of WAGs, Jean is way out of her league. She navigates her way through semi-finals, a gruelling social calendar and salacious scandals on Josh’s arm, safe in the knowledge he belongs to her – or so she thinks. But as her hair gets blonder, her heels higher and her tops lower, Jean begins to wonder who she’s become..

Bossypants by Tina Fey
Her biography that everyone says is so. funny. I really want to read it. Feel free to get it for me for a late birthday present. 🙂

What are some of your favorite books? Let me know so I can read them!