You Will Never Think of Me the Same…

When I worked at the public library I shelved countless books: adult, reference, children, youth, large print… I loved the library (most of the time) but my favorite room was the youth room. Mostly because I could hide back there and sit down for a while but most-mostly because of the books. It’s a small room, and the books are sparse, but whenever I could I’d meander back there and try to find some books worth reading. I found some real winners!
The IT Girl series by Cecily von Ziegesar.
1.The IT Girl

Set in New England, the main characters are a group of best friends going to private school. Materialistic, dramatic, girls.. you get it. This series comes either before or after Gossip Girls. Jenny Humphrey is a lead character in this series, for those of you who watch Gossip Girls. (I KNOW, okay. But they’re so good!) I started this series right before I quit working at the library. They only had the first four books so when I finished them I was so dissappointed in the ending until I found out there were SIX MORE BOOKS!

Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

A book about a high school girl who struggles with her self-image and self-esteem. She spends a summer and Italy and learns that her image doesn’t have to center around her weight. Such an awesome book. I felt like I was the girl! SO SO good.

I’m on Pinterest and have been pinning some books lately. They’re just as deep as the ones I mentioned above. 🙂

Playing the Field: The Game’s On and the Girls Are Out to Win
by Zoe Foster (Doesn’t it look really deep?)
Jean Bennett, aspiring jewellery designer, knows as much about football as she does astrophysics. But when she moves to the bright lights of Sydney and falls in love with star footballer Josh Fox, she has to learn – fast.

Thrown eyelashes first into the world of WAGs, Jean is way out of her league. She navigates her way through semi-finals, a gruelling social calendar and salacious scandals on Josh’s arm, safe in the knowledge he belongs to her – or so she thinks. But as her hair gets blonder, her heels higher and her tops lower, Jean begins to wonder who she’s become..

Bossypants by Tina Fey
Her biography that everyone says is so. funny. I really want to read it. Feel free to get it for me for a late birthday present. 🙂

What are some of your favorite books? Let me know so I can read them!