A Case of the “I Wish”es

Ever have a case of “the wishes”? Where you wish you were somewhere else or in a different place in your life or had all the money in the world? I think I live in a permanent state of the wishes.

Going to school for another two years seems like a drag. I wish it were over.
I wish we were in a place to start a family.
I wish I could go out and buy everything I need/want to make our house feel more like a home.
I wish we were millionaires. I’ll settle for thousand-aires.
I wish I had my dream job.
I wish I had a big group of really close friends I could call on at a moment’s notice to do crazy stuff.
I wish I were more disciplined.

You get my point? Do any of you constantly live in a state of “the wishes”? These things are fun to think about but at a certain point they become a little burdensome. Thoughts?