Things you should be watching.

Being in school I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube doing homework. Yeah, that’s it, homework! Sometimes while I’m doing, uh, homework, I get a little side-tracked and watch other things. Here are some videos I’ve found worth watching.

Seriously. THE funniest video I’ve watched. Ever. EW. (And now you and your friends can constantly say EW to everything. Friendship=strengthened.) (PS. Jimmy’s puppy Gary is HILARIOUS!)

The most beautiful thing you’ll hear all day. Promise. (Aren’t those boys precious?!)

ANYTHING. by this girl. She’s hilarious, professional, approachable, and really great at what she does. She rocks. I’ve been watching her videos non-stop for two weeks now and have barely made a dent! She’s got over 700 videos. Eeeee!

What are you waiting for? Get to watching!

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