Today my sister is 21. She’s been waiting for this day only so she can go to a bar and order a cosmo. (And buy moscato.)

She’s crazy just like me and we’re always on the same wavelength. (Even though it’s mostly a stupid one.) She is beautiful inside and out (cliche, but true) and will forever be a role model for me. I am so incredibly proud of her for moving away to college and living alone, something I could never do. She’s made friends and has become a light of Christ to them. We share the same passions and the same goals and I love talking about how we’re progressing towards those things and seeing how God is lining up our lives. She plays with my dog and does my hair for all of my important events. She documents our lives with her camera so the rest of us don’t have to. (And because she loves it and because she rocks at it.) She makes us all laugh and invented my favorite word, FLARP. If we could have we would have been born twins. It’d really just make this whole thing easier.

So Shel, from me, Jason, Pepper, Little Bit, and Toonces we wish you the happiest of birthdays.

Now go get a cosmo already.

2 thoughts on “MY SISTER IS LEGAL.

  1. Wait. What are these warm wet things falling out of my eyes?!?!?! Oh yeah. They’re called tears….thanks for that.

    And the blog…awesome.

    Love you!

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