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#WhatMelWears: Last Year’s Cruise 2k15

Remember over a year ago when my family went on a cruise? Well here are some outfit photos from that time that I forgot to post. YES. Okay, I forgot about outfit posts that are over a year old. SUE ME. But look, I’m doing it now so get off my back, geez. Did I… Read more »

Sister Crop Top Day

Approximately 1,000,000 years ago I bought this crop top at Target and thought, “omg how cute a striped crop top can’t wait for summer.” And then 1,000,000 years later give or take a few days I saw it in my closet. Unworn. Mocking me every time I slid past it to get to a different shirt…. Read more »

A Borrowed Moto Jacket

The thing about trees is, redheads look great in front of them. But you already know this because I’ve mentioned it twice recently. I’m just saying. We do. We also look great in plaid. The thing about motorcycle jackets is, they’re great. But I don’t have one. Sweet sister let me ‘borrow’ hers for a… Read more »

What Mel Wears to Canton

  If you live in East Texas or really anywhere in Texas probably, you’ve heard of First Mondays in Canton, Texas. Every, you guessed it, first Monday weekend of the month there is this expansive flea market there. And when I say expansive I mean people bring their RVs and camp out for the weekend…. Read more »

I Wore One Brand Accidentally

WHAAAAAAAAAT! How about a #whatmelwears for your Monday? SNAP how’d you like that brand spankin’ new hashtag I came up with? (Too many ALL CAPS?) For Thanksgiving last year, my mom’s family rented a house in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The house backed up to this enormous hill and some pretty expansive woods. Obvi we had… Read more »