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Apartment Tour! Living Room

UPDATED 5/30/17! Check out how Wayfair handles TV stands in small spaces! Yes! Finally! After two months I’ve dubbed this place decent enough to show to the internet. I thought I’d spare you from the 43 photo heavy post and split it up by room. That way you can get the full experience. Up first, we’ve… Read more »

5 Living Room Rug Ideas

AKA apparently the hardest decision I’ve ever made. When I moved in, all of my furniture and house stuff had been in a storage building for a couple of years. I had just about forgotten what I had! Since I knew living with my parents during that time was temporary, I snagged a couple of… Read more »


So are you just dying to know? DYING to know how I’m doing in Dallas now? Big city Mel? I LOVE DALLAS! Are you surprised? Oh, stop. The mini adventures I’ve had, the people I’ve met, the things I’ve learned I wouldn’t trade for the world. Girls brunch! Photo by Cait Butt My adjustment time… Read more »

Lazy Day

Sometimes when you’re in the floor trying to take cool pictures you get tired. And sometimes you lie down in the floor and stare out the glass door. And then sometimes your puppy comes and snuggles next to you because she thinks you’re crazy or maybe dying and wants to be with you during your… Read more »


If you guys don’t know, my sister Shelby has been officially accepted into the Baylor Truett Seminary! That’s kind of old news but it’s still awesome. So since she found out she’s been apartment hunting and job hunting. Last Monday I had to work, but the rest of the fam drove down to Waco for… Read more »


Sometimes you just need to remind yourself how good it is to be home. To have a home and a family. So to remind myself of this I’ve been taking more pictures inside our house. My favorite places are our backyard and my room. Even though Shel and I share this room and most of… Read more »