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DIY: How To Fix a Bleached Shirt

Working in a daycare means using bleach. A lot. Using bleach means possibly getting it on your clothes. Possibly getting it on your clothes means that cool new shirt you bought is now ruined. This has happened to me approximately four times. Thankfully it has happened with shirts that can be saved, except for this… Read more »

How to Wear a Sweatshirt

sweatshirt: Old Navy, jeans: thrifted (Target), booties: thrifted, necklace: local boutique (Gaudy Me) Picture this: it’s Monday. You had a really late night and the weekend ended way before you were ready. Your alarm is literally screaming at you to get up and get going but your body is frozen at the thought of getting… Read more »

Haul: Walgreens + ULTA

Hey-oh! A while back I hit up ULTA (if you’ve never been, go!) and bought a few things then a few days ago I spent my graduation money on some things in Walgreens! So here’s what I got along with my thoughts on some of them. -Wet N Wild eyeshadow trios in Knock On Wood… Read more »

6 Summer Hair Ideas

Summer is here ready or not! And with this good ol’ Texas heat we need some smart ways to keep our hair up and out of our faces while still looking better than your run of the mill bun. I’ve rounded up six of the simplest styles for you to try this summer!    … Read more »

Beauty Tuesday: Cruelty Free

Happy Tuesday! You know what that means: Beauty Tuesday! Today I want to talk about some of my favorite brands that happen to be cruelty free. This means these brands do not use animal testing on any of their products. To find out more, go here! Now I’m not saying if you don’t solely buy… Read more »

Learn It: The Washington Hair

Happy Thursday! A couple of you asked about my hair in this post so I thought I’d do a quick tutorial! I’ve dubbed it The Washington. Remember swimming in the summer and flipping your hair back like one of those powder wigs? 😛 Enjoy! NEED: -Hairspray -Elastic circular headband ONE: Start with straight or wavy… Read more »