Grattis på födelsedagen!

No, your computer didn’t malfunction. That’s ‘Happy Birthday!’ in Swedish. Why Swedish? Well, I just finished reading Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Is it sad that it took me almost a full chapter to realize it was set in Sweden and not some weird America? And the happy birthday? Well yesterday was sweet Jason’s 27th birthday! A post is coming up about his day later this week. So while I’m trying to get my head back on straight after our incredible beach vacay, how about the coolest thrifted blouse ever?

blouse: thrifted, jeans: Target via Goodwill (brand new-$5!!), boots: thrifted

Oh yeah, and I got all my hair chopped off! I think I lost 5 pounds when I did. It looked like someone ate my hair then threw it up all over the floor. That’s how much hair there was. I can turn my head without it getting yanked or stuck under my armpit! I can brush through it in less than 10 minutes! I can curl it! I have HEALTHY BANGS THAT I DIDN’T CUT MYSELF! Thank you, sweet sweet hair savior, Kelso/Michael.

Yes, we had an amazing time on our vacay thank you for asking! Believe me, there will be some picture heavy posts coming up once I melt back into reality this week. We hit the motherload on thrifting down there in ye olde gator state. They have 1/2 off Mondays! GET IT TOGETHER, TEXAS.

In other thrifting news, did you guys know that Tyler is getting a Plato’s Closet!? I almost had a panic attack when I saw that. EEEEEP!

PS. How humongo does my ring look up there? The waitress at dinner last night said, “Is that your wedding ring!? Awwwright!” 🙂

PPS. If you try to comment but get some kind of error let me know asap! My mom and I were having trouble commenting but as far as I can tell it’s back to normal now. I’m trying to get this weird error fixed so if you can’t comment you can email me or (surprise!) like me on Facebook and comment there. 🙂