How to Wear a Sweatshirt

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset20131215-174901.jpg20131215-174827.jpgsweatshirt: Old Navy, jeans: thrifted (Target), booties: thrifted, necklace: local boutique (Gaudy Me)

Picture this: it’s Monday. You had a really late night and the weekend ended way before you were ready. Your alarm is literally screaming at you to get up and get going but your body is frozen at the thought of getting into real human clothes and looking presentable. Don’t worry. I got you.

Get the most comfortable, clean, plain gray sweatshirt you own. Add a kewl necklace and jeans. DONE.


To plan ahead, throw your hair into some French braids Sunday night. Monday morning take them down and spray some light hold hairspray and run your fingers through it. Hair. Done. Makeup? BB cream or tinted moisturizer all day errday.

(Cool segue) Anyway, how is your holiday season going? I’ve really been out of the loop. Finals and work things have really pushed me away from this blog and I hate it. But school is done forever! My diploma will be in the mail soon and that will be the most expensive thing I own. Wee! Since then I’ve been spending my evenings catching up on the dumbest things and applying to jobs and apartment searching. Oh I didn’t tell you?

Yeah, I’m moving to Dallas. HI 🙂

I decided about a month ago to just finally go. Dallas has just been pulling me for years and there’s really no better time than now. I need a change. This year has brought me through some real tough things and while I’m thankful for that I need to do something just for me. To be an adult for once and just go. Right?

Don’t worry, I’m not leaving for a few months. Gotta kind of buy a car first. But once that happens (oh, and a job too) I’m out! This blog will still be here keeping me company and giving me homey comforts all the way there. I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it once the time gets closer but I am real excited. Did you know IKEA has an app? I’ve pretty much already decorated this fictitious apartment already. #girl

Well, I’ve got to go finish up some things for our Christmas party in the baby room tomorrow! Daycare lyfe.

Happy Thursday! 🙂