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Sister Style: Brick Wall Waterfall

After my sister graduated we drove to this beautiful winery a little ways away. Great food and wine accompanied by family and friends-Perfect! Afterwards, we hung around the parking lot and snapped some outfit pictures. Mine are here! I also snapped some of our youngest sister so she could try and be as cool as… Read more »

New Years Eve Party!

We had a blast celebrating NYE. Nothing like being surrounded by friends, cupcakes, and champagne when the new year rings in. I spent the next day relaxing in bed watching movies. Great way to start the new year! I didn’t make a mile long list of resolutions this year like I have before. My only… Read more »

What Are You Doing Now?

Ever since graduating college for real this time, nearly everyone I see asks me, “So, what are you doing now?” Friends, family, church members, acquaintances… all of them are interested in my life. It’s flattering, really. Whether they’re asking to fill the dead air in an awkward conversation or genuinely interested, I am flattered. So,… Read more »

Happy Fall

jacket: thrifted, sweater: thrifted, button-up: thrifted, jeans: Target, boots: Forever21 If you don’t already know, the leaves are pretty sweet right now. Normally this side of the yard is just like, ehh. But now it’s like, whoa! RIGHT?! I’ve always loved fall. I was born in September and just always loved those colors. Hate. HATE…. Read more »


I needed to take these on my birthday. I have stockpiles of glitter for no reason and love the bokeh it gives. Plus, I just really wanted to do it. Sorry, Shelk. 🙂   Didn’t realize the HUGE mess it made along with the million of mosquito bites we accumulated while shooting these. When I… Read more »

Pop Pop Gets a Treat

Six days before my birthday is my dad’s birthday. He turned 49 this year but I’m totally not embarrassed that my dad is old because he has a beard and is kewl! We celebrated in classic dad style with lots of good food and cake. Mom made the best Chinese food you’ll ever have and… Read more »