The One Where We Went to the Park

Several weeks ago Jason and I took Pepper to a local park. There’s a famous rocketship slide from when I was little and several birthday parties happened under those pavilions. They’ve since added some new equipment but the feel is still the same. 🙂

Needless to say, Pepper loved it. We tired her out pretty good!


I didn’t realize until we got to the park that Pepper has never really been down stairs before. It was hilarious to see her figure it all out and climb all the way to the top then back down again just for fun.


Nothing like watching a dog drink out a human cup. My sister still wants to buy pudding cups and feed her like Airbud. Can dogs eat pudding? 🙂


Oh, and she mastered the slide. 🙂 Happy puppy mama day!

Afterwards we had to get snowcones and cherry lime-aids. (My idea, obvi) And then, poor baby, we realized we left her very favorite ball at the park and had to turn around to get it. I felt so bad! But she didn’t care. Classic Pepper!


I just love this dog!

PS. Click here to see my outfit from this day!