Our Beach Vacation… A Month Later (Part 3)


Isn’t it amazing how great the light can be at the beach about 6:00? Gosh, it’s really amazing. No shadows, perfect light off of the sand, and that sunset! GEEZ! I can’t even.


A GIANT storm rolled through our last afternoon there. It was being a little dramatic and faked us all out. But it sure was pretty…


This great little plant shop called Clay. I could’ve stayed in there for hours… it was so amazing. Shady, light filled, so many things to fill a garden with. It made me all starry eyed! Too bad I can only keep cacti alive…


Oh, and I cut my foot on a sneaky shell hidden in the sand! 🙁 Don’t worry, I lived.


So here’s my amazing family. We are a basketcase. A lot of nut jobs. But we are family. And we love each other. Right? Right. 🙂 (Oh and in this picture we are missing about 10 people. Yeah, I know!)



We love you Grayton!