Saturday Swoons

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these! I just wanted to share a few things I’ve come across that I thought to be pretty/would look great in our home/on me. (Too many slashes?) You know, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks…

One: Dorothy Perkins Leopard Scarf, $17
Two: Fresh eau de Parfum Sugar Lemon, $24.95
Three: Selma Sneaker, $24.99
Four: Cow Skull Mosaic Mirror, $145
Five: Merona Boyfriend Watch, $14.99

I’ve probably wanted a leopard scarf for a year and a half now and haven’t ponied up the $15 to buy one. There’s a really great one at Target right now. Long and full! Don’t miss out on it! I think leopard goes with everything! And I know what you’re thinking. Those sneaker wedges are like, what, so 1995? Well, I used to absolutely HATE them. Until I saw two pretty stylish ladies wearing them. And they’re black. Instead of white with laces… *cringe* Also, I’ve been really wanting a cow skull. SO. BAD. Problem is, all the ones I find are too expensive for me. Anyone have a dead cow? Much obliged.

Strap it on.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on here before, but we’ve been saving up to buy a brand spankin’ new camera for Christmas! This one, actually. I picked it out in the spring and have just been side-eyeing it ever since. When we visit Best Buy I snuggle her and let her know I’m coming back… promise. And since it irks Jason that I don’t use a camera strap for the camera we have now, that’s actually his camera, I thought it’d be a good idea to suck it up and buy one, seeing as how I’m giving my left arm for the camera and all and wouldn’t want it flying over a cliff because I don’t have a strap. (longest sentence ever?) Plus, it gives me something else to shop for. 😉 This endeavor has reintroduced me to Etsy. Tis a magical place full of patterns, colors, handmade, sweet people… it only seems fair that I patronize a sweet shop and get myself a strap! Here’s a roundup of the ones I’m also side-eyeing…

one: leather neck camera strap by leathinity. $49.99
two: sunburst chevron camera strap cover by bluebirdchic. $40
three: navajo red camera strap by CapturingCouture. $49
four: leather camera strap in warm chestnut by MagpieAccessoriesUK. $39
five: southwestern camera strap by couchguitarstraps. $34.95

Which one is your favorite? I’m partial to leather, but think it would cut into my neck or arm. And I know I’m late to the game on this, but chevron is like, the best ever. Decisions, decisions!

(Pssst! Two more days until our surprise…)

Can I Live Here?

After we paid off our car and set aside a hunk for our emergency fund, we still had a pretty penny left over from our tax refund so Jason and I decided to split it. He decided to use his half to buy us a dishwasher. Bless his soul. He sure loves his wife. I’m using my half to shop it up. Duh. 🙂

So here’s what I’m planning on buying, and drooling over, at Forever21.

1. Bow Back Shift Dress $19.80
2. Polka Dot Fringe Scarf $9.80
3. Essential Static Chevron Top $12.80
4. Panel Front Leggings $17.80
5. Tiered Ribbon Fedora $7.80
6. Premium Floral Skinny Jeans $24.80
7. Faceted Plate Bracelet $5.80
8. Large Polka Dot Tee $7.00
9. Pleated Overlay Dress $19.80

Those floral jeans shall be mine! Muahaha…


I keep a running wishlist on my desktop and in my phone. One list for my closet (duh) and one for household/makeup/hair stuff. And one for Jason since he doesn’t think about stuff like that for himself. And because I’m a good wife. 🙂

1. Anthropologie Spun Gold Lingerie Set. $70-78 (magnificent.)
2. Le Lapin D’or Chevron Dress. $41 (seriously.)
3. Old Navy Printed Blanket Cardigan. $38 (Oh, ON. I sure love you.)
4. Oasis Faux Fur Snood.  $20. (cheapest one I’ve found!)
5. H&M Bra+Brief Set. $24.95 (gorgeous. affordable!)
6. IKEA Koldby Faux Cowhide Rug. $199 (love it for our living room.)
7. ZARA Animal Print Trousers. $25.99 (I DIE.)
8. Diana+ Lens Adapter. $60 (so want.)
9. Wide Angle and Macro Lens Adapter. $50 (double want.)

Aren’t both of those lingerie sets gorgeous? That Diana+ lens? It adapts to a dSLR! So you can take as many pictures with that lens as you want without having a Diana camera and using film! So neat. And seriously. That wide angle and a macro lens adapter? Photojojo, you mesmerize me.

All I Want for Christmas

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again. I love it. This weekend hub hub and I are going to pick up our real tree (why in the world are fake trees so expensive!? IT’S A FAKE TREE!) and decorate our house! Fires, coffee/hot chocolate and Christmas music will be had. 🙂 I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, I’m going to be like my 12 year old sister and make a booklet to give to my loved ones filled with my Christmas wishes… if money was no object 🙂


First up the iPad 2 ($500). I know what you’re thinking. “Melody, that is ridiculously expensive and there is no purpose for it.” And I’d like to say to you, old person who obviously isn’t into technology, “You’re so right.” However!, Jason miraculously got the school he works for a grant to buy iPads for the teachers and we ended up with one to play around with until someone needs it. I’ve fallen in love.. It’s only a first generation but I can see a “need” for one. (Just like someone needs a jetplane.) It’s easier to lug around than a laptop and does all of the same things. But for the price? $500? Really? I could buy two and a half Kindle Fire’s for that much money. For the record, I’m totally okay with the Kindle Fire if that’s what you’d like to get me. 😛

The Canon Rebel T1i. ($579). My sister owns this camera and I loooove it. It snaps quicker than our Nikon D40 and the lighting is so much more natural and clear. The only thing that annoys me about it is not being able to hold the flash down when it wants to come up. On a lot of the settings the flash can’t be turned off and if you try holding it down it says to turn the camera off and back on before being able to use it again. But still…


JCrew’s Double-cloth Townhouse Trench ($250 on sale). Since my mishap with Old Navy I’m still in the market for a new coat. I bought a Zara coat a year or so ago on Etsy but when I got it the lining was hanging out of the sleeves and there were several holes inside the pockets and the lining. (Something the seller failed to mention…) It’s a nice enough coat but lint finds a home on it and I’d like one that wasn’t so black. This is way out of my price range for a coat, but thanks to the Look 4 Less I found a similar one for $45. (in olive please 🙂


The iPhone 4s. (from $199). Seeing how I have the iPhone 3 (not even the 3s!) I think I’m due for an upgrade. I’d even settle for the 4. 🙂 I’m super jealous now that my dad AND my sister both got the iPhone 4 and I’m stuck waiting 30 seconds for my camera app to open. Life is so unfair. Jason, being the frugal tech-dude he is, thinks we should wait until Apple releases their long-awaited iPhone 5. I agree, but I’m also really anxious to get a new scratch-free (I mean, anyone wanna buy an iPhone 3?) phone. In this case, I’ll forgive you if this isn’t in my stocking this year.

What’s on your wishlist? Any suggestions on (inexpensive! useful!) stocking stuffers for a guy?

Saturday Swoons: Birthday Edition

Hey there, peeps!

How was your week? As for me I survived what I thought would be the end of me: September 16. AKA: Yesterday.

Last week our Music History prof. gave us a ten page test review to fill out. It was the test. Being me, I waited until the Wednesday and Thursday before the test to fill it out. BUT! I did it all by myself! I think that’s the first time I’ve been able to say that. Weeee. Also on Friday our form and analysis groups had to present projects we had been working on since the second week of school. I did well in speech and had a bud, Marla, up there with me presenting as well.

My voice lesson also surprised me. Being preoccupied with worrying and writing down 80 terms for music history I had neglected my lesson music. (Sorry, Mrs. Newman. It’s true. We cool, right?) So at the last second, (11pm on a Thursday) I hastily threw together the things I needed to look successful at the next day’s lesson. Her exact words in my lesson: “I can tell you’ve put a lot of time into this!”

Yeah. I’m awesome.

SO! On to Saturday Swoons! I’ve done a post like this before but I’m thinking of making it a regular/semi-regular post for the weekends. Here I’ll share things I wish I could buy if money were no object and share things I wish I had anyway. Here we go!

1. Jeffrey Campbell boots. $160.
2. Bare Escentuals Prime Time. $22.
3. Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Cream. $24.
4. Miu Miu Booties. $890.

(I read about the Frederic Fekkai cream in Cecily von Ziegesar’s book series The It Girl and have wanted it ever since. Is that weird?) So, family, since my birthday is in 13 days (eek!) feel free to get any of these things. 🙂 Well, except the Miu Miu boots. That’s understandable.