I keep a running wishlist on my desktop and in my phone. One list for my closet (duh) and one for household/makeup/hair stuff. And one for Jason since he doesn’t think about stuff like that for himself. And because I’m a good wife. 🙂

1. Anthropologie Spun Gold Lingerie Set. $70-78 (magnificent.)
2. Le Lapin D’or Chevron Dress. $41 (seriously.)
3. Old Navy Printed Blanket Cardigan. $38 (Oh, ON. I sure love you.)
4. Oasis Faux Fur Snood.  $20. (cheapest one I’ve found!)
5. H&M Bra+Brief Set. $24.95 (gorgeous. affordable!)
6. IKEA Koldby Faux Cowhide Rug. $199 (love it for our living room.)
7. ZARA Animal Print Trousers. $25.99 (I DIE.)
8. Diana+ Lens Adapter. $60 (so want.)
9. Wide Angle and Macro Lens Adapter. $50 (double want.)

Aren’t both of those lingerie sets gorgeous? That Diana+ lens? It adapts to a dSLR! So you can take as many pictures with that lens as you want without having a Diana camera and using film! So neat. And seriously. That wide angle and a macro lens adapter? Photojojo, you mesmerize me.