My Week So Far…

1. My MIL gave me two hummingbird feeders as soon as I mentioned I’d love to get some to hang around our house. This one hangs on a tree in the backyard on a hook we found grown into the tree!
2. The two of us before we headed out to ultimate frisbee.
3. I tried a new manicure. I love it!

My week so far has been pretty good! Although, Monday morning was kinda crazy. OK, so here’s the story:

I live about an hour away from the school. Most of my drive is back roads and highways and most of these roads have no shoulder just potholes on the side of the road. An 18-wheeler was coming in the opposite lane so naturally I veered warily towards the “shoulder”. The potholes sucked me in and WHAMMO! Flat tire! I pulled over as soon as I realized it and had no service to call Jason. So I had to turn around and drive back towards home until I could call Jason. I made it to a gas station and he came and fixed the tire but because I drove on a flat our rim bent. Now we’re waiting for it to get fixed while I drive my behemoth, the Trooper.

Other than that it’s been a great week!

How’s your week going?