Awkward and Awesome

Hallelujah, it’s Thursday.

-Getting a flat tire on my way to school and being stranded with no cell service.
-My Goodbyn lunchbox leaking marinara into my purse.
-Being the only second soprano in choir today and having to sing an uncomfortable high part. Alone. Weeeirdd…
-Seeing a horse eating grass on the side of a busy highway and a woman sitting at the edge of the woods in a camping chair just watching it like she let it out of its cage for a while. Whaaaa….???

-Meeting people at school who love Golden Girls as much as I do! Hollaaaaa!
-Trying out a new nail trend. It’s going to get plenty of use in the coming months!
-Finding French manicure stickers in my cabinet to do said nail trend.
-Finding tons of makeup I didn’t know I had in a drawer in my bathroom.
-Grocery shopping last weekend and feeling so accomplished.
-Staying on top of our laundry. SUPER awesome! Go me!
-Seeing a concrete statue of a unicorn my first week of school. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it again.. 🙁
-Having so many professors who care about my safety! (See aforementioned flat tire.)
-Having a teacher that has a blog!
-There are so many redheads at UTT! YEAHYUHHH!
Anything awkward or awesome happen to you?