Can I Live Here?

After we paid off our car and set aside a hunk for our emergency fund, we still had a pretty penny left over from our tax refund so Jason and I decided to split it. He decided to use his half to buy us a dishwasher. Bless his soul. He sure loves his wife. I’m using my half to shop it up. Duh. 🙂

So here’s what I’m planning on buying, and drooling over, at Forever21.

1. Bow Back Shift Dress $19.80
2. Polka Dot Fringe Scarf $9.80
3. Essential Static Chevron Top $12.80
4. Panel Front Leggings $17.80
5. Tiered Ribbon Fedora $7.80
6. Premium Floral Skinny Jeans $24.80
7. Faceted Plate Bracelet $5.80
8. Large Polka Dot Tee $7.00
9. Pleated Overlay Dress $19.80

Those floral jeans shall be mine! Muahaha…