Awkward and Awesome

blouse: thrifted, jeans: Target via Goodwill, shoes: Target


-Sitting in my car yesterday a cop comes up and taps on my window. After checking my drawers I roll down my window with all kinds of thoughts running through my head. Is it not okay to just sit in my car? I have a parking sticker, right? Wait–am I speeding? He asks me if I’m having car trouble because a girl told him I couldn’t get my car to start. Uh, no. I apologized saying that no, the car was fine and that the air conditioner was what was making that horrific noise. After posting this on Facebook my classmate, Shelley, comes forth and confesses that it was indeed her that told copper I couldn’t start my car. Thanks again, Shelley. 🙂
-We went to buy a dishwasher Tuesday night and got netted by the salesman for 20 minutes telling us his life story. Though he was really helpful, I could have done without the stories about you making $300,000 a year when you were younger. (Congrats…?) (Also, why are you working at Lowe’s at 71?)
-How intense Jason gets with his basketball game. Dear, your character is like 85. Also, it’s a game.
-Hearing people complain when I don’t agree. I bite my tongue. A lot.
-Singing on recital last week and having to go to the bathroom so bad. Usually you leave the hall two or three performances before yours to make it backstage. I was going to leave an extra one early to go to the bathroom but decided too late and it was so silent in there that I couldn’t get up and leave. I’ve never concentrated on a performance so hard.
-Because we aren’t getting a dishwasher until Friday (see below) we’ve let the dishes pile up for about a week. I spread Nutella with a spoon today.


-We are FINALLY getting a dishwasher tomorrow!! (Did you know that Lowe’s puts up their sales on Thursday mornings? Thanks, Ben from the appliance department for the heads up!)
-How quickly my hair curls now that it’s short. It really is a miracle.
-Being debt free.
-How much daylight there is now. Hooray!
-There are only five weeks of school left. I should start my history paper…
-My collection of colored jeans is growing rapidly. I am liking this.
-How slow and empty this week is for me. It’s so nice!
-How many episodes of Scrubs I’ve watched this week. It’s a sickness. I use to make fun of Jason when he knew which episode belonged to what season. Now I’m right there with him quoting every single line in time. My life is pathetic.
-Finally getting to see my sister this weekend!!!

Happy Thursday!