The Day We Become Grown-ups Because IT’S DISHWASHER DAY

lace top: Liz Claiborne via Goodwill, belt: thrifted, skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Cole Haan via Goodwill

I remember when I bought this skirt. I thought it wouldn’t fit, but I bought it anyway because I never try on clothes in the store. That’s dumb, right? Anyway, when I found it in my closet and put it on and it fit, it became one of my favorite skirts.

So here’s some news. Jason bought this really fancy recording microphone so he could start streaming himself playing Minecraft. (It’s this computer game that you build stuff on…? Don’t ask me. I don’t play it.) He got the mic in today, hooked it up to his computer, started streaming, AND already has 8 subscribers. That’s crazy, right!? It’s like insta-blogging.

Today is a glorious day. Jason and I are going to buy a dishwasher. The one we have is probably from the early 1800s and smells like fire when we use it. So it’ll be nice to actually wash dishes from a week ago. Also because all we have are spoons left. And mama can’t cut her chicken with a spoon.